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Jul 28, 2010
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PetForums Senior, Male

I am a Dog & a Cat person Apr 30, 2019

    1. BSH
      I am a Dog & a Cat person
    2. Dozymoo
      Anytime! We'll be at the London show with Stanley next weekend. It's his first adult show and I'm interested to see how he fairs. It'll be the decider on whether or not we having him neutered next month! I keep meaning to buy one of those trolleys. I hate showing up at shows looking like a bag lady! :) Good luck this weekend, I'll be watching cat planet for results.... :D
    3. lymorelynn
      Thank you for the friend request :)
      Hope you and your kitties are doing well and you can contain your excitement in anticipation of your latest addition :D Any pictures of him yet?
    4. Aurelia
      Aye, it's a lovely picture :D xx
    5. Aurelia
      WOOOOOOOOOOOOW :D:D:D:D What a boy! and you were worried! :D Give the boy a well done chin scratch from me :001_wub: Congratulations! xxx
    6. Aurelia
      So how did it go today? :D xx
    7. Aurelia
      Hey where am I meant to be looking for pictures? I can't find them :lol: :o
    8. hobbs2004
      [IMG] Have a good one, will ya? Perhaps see you in Reading next year with another kitkat.....
    9. Shelley Cat Lover
      Shelley Cat Lover
      Hi, thanks for the rep :D x
    10. Tje
      heheheee, thanks for the avatar, I wanted to rep you for it but I have to spread my lurve around (so it tells me) lol. I am sooo very chuffed with my new avatar to go along nicely with my new pink fluffy pc style. So... ta very much!!
    11. Chez87
      Ooooh BSH you are too kind! :) I really want to try this litter out, I am so intrigued!!
    12. sequeena
      It's a stock picture that I edited, I don't know where it is sorry x
    13. billyboysmammy
      omg hun i'm overwhelmed! thankyou so much for your donation! xxxx
    14. hobbs2004
      Lol, I have got the same at my work. People are quite happily feeding crappy dry food and just smile kindly and indulgingly when I tell them that I feed raw in response to their question about what my cats are being fed!

      Come across a few tales now of people pushing gocat as a good alternative to their hills food. Now I ask you; how insane is that!
    15. AnnaK
      Hi BSH your cats are very beautiful. Sadly I cannot take you up on your generous offer as my father is not going straight from Exeter to Brighton, a shame as I would love to try them. I hope you find a good home for them.
    16. hobbs2004
      Oh no! Ungrateful critters! Lol. I feel bad now, having recommended it, you going out of your way to get it and them not liking it. Talk about sod's law!!!!! I buy them off you if and when you give up!

      Gotten rid of the darling chicken yet? I chucked mine in the end. what an expensive waste
    17. billyboysmammy
      thanks for the rep
    18. deb53
      Thanks for the rep Hun....seems He seems be a troll now. One sick person xxx
    19. hobbs2004
      Hiya! Thanks for the rep!
    20. HollyM
      Hi, just saw your BSH username and it jumped out at me! I love the BSH breed and recently got a male silver tabby. What colour are yours? How you finding it here? Holly
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