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Bruce the Springer
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Oct 10, 2011
Sep 12, 2011
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Audi Service

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Bruce the Springer

PetForums Junior, from Windsor

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Oct 10, 2011
    1. sonicsweve
      Please go to my profile and reply to that post x I need all the answers I can get x TEll your friends!
      Thanks in advance :)
    2. sonicsweve
      I am 13y and desperately looking 4 volunteer work,dog walking/work with animals.
      I have exp. with rabbits, fish and chickens(pets)
      I have cat, guineapig,hamster,fish sat.
      I have looked after ahyper! dog for 2nights.
      A relative of mine also owns a donkey which I have fed/walked etc
      I have walked plenty of dogs and taught basic commands e.g sit stay bed
      I have also looked after/dealt with a geriatric SICK CAT for 2 weeks! so I am prepared for the worst. I do not mind "cleaning up"

      Willing to work with:
      Dogs,Cats,Sm animals,Reptiles,Fish,Birds,Farm animals
      Will also accept mucking out/feeding/grooming horses & donkeys.
      I am looking for work within the W'ton/Cheshire area.
      Pls be aware I am at school 5 days/wk but am available at w/ends and afterschool
      I am willing to travel to homes/shelters within the cheshire area to groom,walk,feed etc

      Does anyone know of ANYWHERE I can work please?
      Most shelters within distance have a 16/18 year limit so I am restricted.

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    Audi Service
    The simple thing's in life are always the best.

    Walking the Dogs ofc.
    Ridding the Motorbike.
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