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Apr 17, 2016
Sep 12, 2012
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PetForums Member, from Northampton

Britishshorthairbabies was last seen:
Apr 17, 2016
    1. Proud Cat Lady
      Proud Cat Lady
      Gorgeous babies. The jean genie looks like my little Molly.
    2. CaninoAnimalRescue
      Thank you so much for your kindness,
      Our address is
      39 Whitefield Road,

      Many, many thanks,
      If you would like to come in and meet DaisyMai just let me know!
      Thank you so much again
    3. CAPA7
      Both your cats are SO insanely cute!
    4. barkinngmad
      hi britishshorthairbabies
      hi chopsuey
      check out my website;
      Doggie Planet -www.doggieplanet.weebly.com

    5. danniandnala
      Oh god what a relief for genie..you dafty had us all worried glad he's ok...just keep teddy near then you don't have to scatter them xxx
    6. danniandnala
      Hey hun..glad you know now poor boy..are you ok xx
    7. danniandnala
      They're getting on really well..oh I'm so pleased..I'll have a look at pic bet he's gorge xx
    8. danniandnala
      Hey how you feeling xx
    9. Britishshorthairbabies
      I am trying to be more upbeat today and appreciate the wee angel Jeanie is. He is growing so well and so affectionate (on his terms!). My wee nick name for him was Cobby Chops but I am changing it to Pork Chops as he loves the fat of pork! Which is good for my waist line, not his as he’s gained 200g this week. I have rang the vets again today for the results and nothing has been received. So I have agreed to wait till Thursday and ring back then. It’s probably best my Teddy isn’t waiting on this and getting even worse. Useless. I really don’t imbibe that “results come in all the time”, without knowing how we are going to chase this. The results are important to me even though Teddy isn’t with us anymore. Hows your day going?
    10. jill3
      Nice to know you have a nice Boss. It's not easy.
      I still have a cry when I think about my boy. I lost him and another British cream in 24 hours. Yazmin was nearly 18 years old and was ill and even though i was in bits with loosing Harley i had to do the right thing for her. I do think of them together up at Rainbow Bridge.
      The light will come your way soon. I am sure Jeans his doing his best to keep you company by giving you lots of cuddles.
      Hope tomorrow is a better day for you x
    11. jill3
      Sometimes people on this forum have seen their cats that have gone to Rainbow Bridge. I never have.
      How have you been today? Are you managing to eat?
      I work from home and so I always think it's better if you go somewhere to work. It gets you out in a different environment.
      Have you got the test results back yet?
    12. jill3
      I have been thinking about you a lot today. Wondering how you are. Just seen you Pictures. They are lovely and you will be able to cherish them for ever.
      Is Jeans a British Blue? Is he coping ok without his brother?
      I know you will be getting the test results back tomorrow. I will be thinking of you.
      Take care xx
    13. bibicos
      I'm very sorry about your kitten. I feel your pain and I understand you. I lost my dog one year ago and the pain was insupportable. I buried her in my garden. Still I have not exceeded her lost, however the pain it is more soft. In this it helped me that I had her puppy and it should I attend it.
      Take care
    14. Britishshorthairbabies
      Thank you, my teddy needed a lot of love, attention and a lap. Reading about fip, it would seem that the kitten will seek human company more as to retain warmth etc. Of course the bond is stronger quicker as they are more affectionate than the average kitten. Where as jeans is fun time frankie which i put down to personality. So my true fear is that the teddy I knew wasn't the real teddy but fip the mutant virus. Which is gut wrenching. X
    15. jill3
      Harley will Look after your Teddy. He loved Chloe when we first had her. They became inseparable. I was in tears reading your post. I really do feel what you are going through. My Harley collasped and was in agony I had to rush him to a vet and there was nothing they could do. I couldn't work for a week. The only thing that got me back on track was our new British Lilac called Archie. He has not only helped me but also helped Chloe our Blue Tortie. Hope your other little British is ok.
      Take care
      Jill xx
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    The jean genie lives on his back
    The jean genie loves chimney stacks
    Hes outrageous, he screams and he bawls
    Jean genie let yourself go! ​

    Ziggy really sang, screwed up eyes and screwed down hairdo Like some cat from japan,
    he could lick 'em by smiling He could leave 'em to hang
    They came on so loaded man, well hung and snow white tan.​
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