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Born to Boogie
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Jul 9, 2020 at 4:19 PM
Oct 1, 2010
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Born to Boogie

PetForums VIP, from Blackpool

Born to Boogie was last seen:
Jul 9, 2020 at 4:19 PM
    1. Panele
      hello,thank you for accepting my friend request :)
    2. simplysardonic
      you have a samoyed ! the dog that smiles we say in France ! i love them...

      and in dogshows i show you Falcon and samoyed short videos even !!! yes i focused on them even so spectacular in rings ! black dogs dont look so good in badly lit halls i add...

      lol !!! not barkers ? dont believe that ! like any dog a sam will bark ! in joy ! and just talking !!! oh ja ! the final ring at TARBES dogshow ...must find that vid also...

      samoyed et falcon genova san remo expo italia canine nov 2011.MOV - YouTube

      samoyed joue avec maitre dans ring italia expo canine nov2011.avi - YouTube

      here is tarbes...

      Tarbes expo canine Internationale 2010 Sunday 26 sep. Ring Final.MOV - YouTube
    4. beris
      Hi Thank you for information. How many shows have you won? I would give a lot just to be able to take Heidi to a show. Goodness knows how she was treated before I rescued her. I have worked really hard to socialise her but she just does not like people she hasn't got to know over a period of time. She wouldn't hurt anyone she just panics when people come close to us. did you also show your 9year old Sammy.
    5. beris
      Hi I have just seen your Samoyed on Sammy123 's message to me, . Your Samoyed is Lovely. I am an X-lancastrian originate from Wigan. My sister lives close to Blackpool.
      Would you like to tell me about your Samoyed?
    6. leashedForLife
      hey, Linda! :001_smile: i was thinking mostly of the dog relaxing,
      :lol: but both human & dog is good, too.
    7. gemmaleigh66
      oh sorry bless him i take it back lol she is beautiful!!! she is!! oh i cant wait to get mine :) ive been reading up on types coats/double coats etc what are the differences between annecy and duckslate if you dont mind me asking ive not got this far in asking them as yet?? xxxx
    8. gemmaleigh66
      oooh is your sam from annecys ive been in touch with her robin? he looks lurvely by the way i will definately keep my eyes peeled for him :)
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