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Aug 18, 2016
Dec 8, 2011
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Professional Dog Walker & Trainer

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PetForums VIP, from Essex

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Aug 18, 2016
    1. Sarah H
      Sarah H
      Thanks for the rep :thumbup:
    2. Cozmo
      Hi Linda, thanks for your post on my query. I live in Colchester and see on your website you offer business mentoring. Are there any set days? I may be able to find a day (if it cannot be a Saturday) to come and get your advice.
    3. DoodlesRule
      Many thanks for the rep yesterday :)
    4. Panele
      hello,thank you for accepting my friend request :) ;)
    5. metaldog
      Thanks for the rep x :)
    6. WillowWalks
      Hi there - I am currently in the final throws of setting up a dog walking/day care business and have been wondering about the planning considerations. I have a field set up with a local farmer, but he has asked my to check out the planning issues first in case there needs to be a change of use from Agricultural land. I am planning to have the registered office and the main area for keeping the dogs at home and using the field for exercise - from your experience this sounds like it doesn't need a change of use provided the business isn't based there??
    7. chris028
      Thanks for your reply again sorry I'm taking up your work break time.

      When you get the time I have a few more questions

      Where would be the best place to get a good dog guard. Pets at home any good?

      When you say that extending leads are dangerous could I ask why? Also what would be a better option lead.

      Also when it comes to marketing. I've created a website and ordered branded leaflets and business cards. Also thought about magnets for my car. Anything else that works to get peoples attention?

      Lastly, I would like your opinion on when clients ring up and what to say. Should you be quite straight to the point and explain about meeting them to talk about them and their dogs and your terms of company etc or do you go into more detail about your company or leave this until you meet up.

      Sorry these are all very basic questions but I just want to start my business off properly.
      Thank you
    8. chris028
      Hi there thanks for your reply.

      Sorry for posting on here, I'm going shopping for all dog related stuff soon and need to know what i should be buying and the post doesn't get accepted until it's approved

      Bought so far

      Good quality extending lead
      Water bowl

      The dog cage was for my car. I have a kia cerato so the boot room isn't too bad but by no means perfect. Maybe at this stage its better to just have a high quality dog guard like you said. More info about business below

      I walk customers dogs from there homes or take them down to this large nice walking area a mile away. Would a dog guard be sufficient for this being a mile max away. Not sure in comparison to dog cages how safe guards are.

      The number of dogs I'm going to walk is 3 max and I'm not sure what would be my best option if someone wanted me to take 3 of there dogs down to the nice walking area.
      Also not sure if a ramp is needed
      Any help or anything I've missed let me know.
      Thanks for your help so far
    9. Cheryl89
      I've only just noticed you're quite local to me and you do dog training? Any chance you can fit me and Molly in one day to teach her to behave a little better on lead and to stop jumping up on people? :) x
    10. Angie3144
      Hi Linda
      I've been reading your posts for a while now and would be very interested in attending one of your pet sitting training courses. My email address is [email protected] and it would be great to hear from you.
    11. IrishEyes
      Hello and thank you for the rep!
    12. SixStar
      Thanks for the rep.
    13. MaisyMoomin
      I implied yes...because she evidently is!, had her dog got out onto the street and attached a dog it would be getting PTS it's not rocket science it's irresponsible dog ownership!
    14. MLB
      Thank you.
    15. johnfrosties
      Hi there Linda, I have just updated my site with a lot of new articles and rewritten the ones that i had on the site earlier so it isnt as doom day as earlier :D, i would really like your opinion.
      you can see it on fleatreatmenthq.com.
    16. Sprocker Dave
      Sprocker Dave

      Could you please send me details of both your training and home boarding services. I'm in Harlow and have a 5 month old Sprocker. He's already attended some training classes and we'd like to continue. I also need to start looking for somewhere he'll love to go when we're on holiday in the future and I can't bear the thought of kennels :(

      I'm Karen and the email addy is [email protected]

      Many thanks
    17. eviner28
      Hi there, I would be really interested in talking to u about this, sounds like great experience for me. My email is [email protected] please email me and we can swap numbers and have a chat. Look forward to hearing from you. Erica x
    18. Burns44
      Thank you for recommending Dog Vinci. I have just ordered this off Amazon
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    Home Page:
    Professional Dog Walker & Trainer
    Dog trainer & walker, also been a taxi driver, messageboard manager for the BBC and various other jobs. Fostered dogs and puppies for 2 years, mostly terriers before starting up as a dog walker. Will still foster baby puppies, but no real time or space for anything else. Own a 21 year old ex-Teenacher, love motorhoming and cross stitch but never any time for either anymore, and do like to have a good chat!


    Professional dog walker and trainer, also providing dog walker training for walkers wanting to start up or improve their own dog walker business. Professional Dog Walker Training http://brentwooddogwalker.co.uk/fieldday.php

    I also write ebooks specifically for dog walkers - https://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B01BMPPHAE/ref=dp_byline_sr_ebooks_1?ie=UTF8&text=Linda+Ward&search-alias=digital-text&field-author=Linda+Ward&sort=relevancerank
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