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Nov 15, 2008
Jan 9, 2008
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PetForums Senior, from CORNWALL

bordercolliepup was last seen:
Nov 15, 2008
    1. Gourmet Candles
      Gourmet Candles
      How adorable thanks for sharing!
    2. terriermaid
      hiya do you know how stitians is getting on ,my sister is caravaning and worried it might be canceled
    3. bordercolliepup
      very well and you what you been up to looking forward to the hols
    4. Jumberlina
      Hiya hows you today ?????
    5. bordercolliepup
      Hi Jennie , Its a shame you didnt keep going your kick yourself when your older ,I know I do I will have to see how things go throughout the year if I do the course or not but the OH said to me not to bother with it , don't think he likes the fact that I'm going to do something with my life but I will be having a good look into doing it ,
    6. daycare4dogs
      after my NVQ in animal management and care, i went on to do my first year in HND vaterinay medicine, but did not carry on with it. i would also like to train dogs as well as sorting out dogs with problems, all in due time tho! i am researching everything to do with dogs so that i have a pimping website for all to see! i will keep you informed of how it goes and give you the web address when it up and running!
    7. bordercolliepup
      Hi Jennie my name is Lisa 31 , I don't think I will go to college due to having young kids couldn't afford the child care but their is a good training course that Ifound on the net I think that is how I came across this site Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour it sounds good can do it in your own time and from home I think the whole course is £150 so I didn't think that to be to bad and you gain a diploma .
      I live in Cornwall which is a lovely place a bit isolated , but I think youi can't beat it , it be great to have a look at you web site when up and running your have to let me know , and good luck with it all I've got my NVQ in aniaml care , I was looking into going to vet school but I met my OH and things went belly up from there and I so wish I carried on with it all , so training would be an ideal thing to do now , You take care Lisa
    8. daycare4dogs
      no problems, everyone needs someone sensible to talk to on here!
      I went to Moulton College in the Midlands 5 years ago. i did an National Diploma in animal Management and care course for 2 years and then went on to do my first year HND in Veterinary Medicine! When i went to college, it cost me about £1000, which included my course fees, exam fees, transport, visit fees & so on! all colleges vary.
      i have always been keen on animals, have read many books and i watch alot of cesar millan and dog borstal so i also learn from them!
      im not a dog trainer at the moment, but i would love to do it full time and work for myself! I will be setting up a new website soon enough, full of info on everything about dogs including training and training aids which may be of some help to you.
      where about do you live and which college are you looking into?
      if you dont mind me asking your name? im 21, my name is jennie!
    9. bordercolliepup
      Glad they enjoyed there holiday hope you did to
    10. catzndogz
      hi thanks for names of beaches sam & meg had a great time. they where in the sea at each bay befor i could lock the car. can't wait to go back!! thanks again.
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