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Apr 6, 2013
Nov 23, 2012
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July 14
Somerset, UK
Translator, Rewriter & Proofreader

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PetForums Senior, from Somerset, UK

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Apr 6, 2013
    1. DogHeart
      Hi. Come and join our community DogsHeartFoundation.com send this message to all animal lovers to save a soul.
    2. Canine K9
      Canine K9
      Come back Bootiessss x
    3. Gick
      Dear Booties,
      forgive the ignorance of a newbie, but I was wondering how you created your signature pictures? I don't seem to be able to include more than one picture, or compose a signature beyond the basics. Love your avatar, the Mori pictures are fabulous. Many thanks,
    4. BadgerMyLove
      Hi and wanted to thank you for your input to my thread this weekend about my worries about buying a puppy from a particular breeder. I'm really grateful to everyone who responded and helped me through a tricky situation. x
    5. tiatortilla
      thanks for the rep :)
    6. Tarnus
      Thanks for the rep, I just thought it was getting a bit ott!
    7. simplysardonic
      Thankies for the rep :) xx
    8. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thank you for the rep
    9. Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Cheers so much for that - am going to that link right now :) I worry a lot about bloat because Dex is a deep chested dog. Am now obsessed with finding a good food and it will definitely be one without alfalfa! :)
    10. Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Thank you very much for posting on the 'food' thread that I started :) I was really interested to read your comments about the link between alfalfa and gastric twisting - do you have any links or more info by any chance? Many thanks :)
    11. lipsthefish
      Hi Booties, I'm not sure if my pms are working at the moment :/ Jacky's toys arrived this morning, thank you, they are great, I've hidden them at the moment as hubby has been up all night with toothache and is trying to sleep now so don't think squeaking would go well at the moment ;) I know they will love the toys though :) xx
    12. Sezzastar
      I could swap you for a collie with archaeological and carpenter experience. Comes in either black or tri :-D Or a leonberger who pays his own way, you can make clothes from all the fur he moults and sell them off. Are you buying this? :-D Perhaps you would want to swap the beagle instead? We have budgies that lay golden eggs, or maybe thats just bird crap? Haha :-)
    13. Sezzastar
      I will have the malamute puppy you are giving away on freecycle please ;-) :-P
    14. Malmum
      Awe thanks for the rep - I only just saw it. xx
    15. Shitzulover
      Flo is gorgeous! If I wasn't so in love with shihtzus, a beagle would have been my second choice!
    16. Weezawoo
      Hi, just saw you post somewhere and saw you are also in Somerset, so thought I would be nosey and see your profile if you were nearby, and then notice your birthday is the day after mine!!!
      Small world :) haha
    17. Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Many thanks indeed for being a voice of common sense and reason on the thread I started recently - much appreciated! :)
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    July 14
    Somerset, UK
    Translator, Rewriter & Proofreader
    Hello there!

    If you're here for a friendly chitchat, I look forward to it!
    If you're here because I offended you, I'm sorry for my hot-headedness!
    If you haven't got anything nice to say, say nothing at all.

    We're currently living in central Somerset, owned by Mori the Malamute, Flo the Beagle and CC the rescued combat cat!
    With love for Cybie & Lara, sadly passed.

    Feel free to ask me any questions and pass on any knowledge, however if you intend to be intrusive or offensive I would rather not hear it.

    Big smoochies! x



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