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Jan 29, 2012
Jul 20, 2009
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PetForums Newbie, from Staffordshire

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Jan 29, 2012
    1. mishka
      Hi are you on the klee kai forum as the name changes confuse me, blonde i know xx
    2. ziva
      Hi sorry i haven't been on for ages. Hope you had a great christmas and that Shasta is doing ok. Ziva was spayed last week. i left her lampshade collar off for 5 mins with my son watching her (I thought!) and she tore open her stitches and had this huge hole, we could see all her insides aghhh! anyway rushed her to the animal hospital and they restitiched ther the next day. she has got another 7 days before she is allowed out and has to wear her lampshade 24/7!!! she is very bored!!
    3. Rosiebear
      sorry for delayed mess I havent been on for ages happy new yearx
    4. Allana
      Happy belated Xmas, hope you had a nice one x
    5. mishka
      Hope you had a good one, happy new year xxx
    6. carebear
      merry christmas and happy new year to you,
    7. mishka
      Hi, Sorry havent bin in touch, We went to florida for a fortnight, my niece house sat so Mishka was at home still. We have just put up the christmas tree and she is being a minx pinching baubles off it lol.
      No caravan for us till spring we are wimps, loving the crfisp walks on the beach though.
      Any news with you xxxx
    8. mishka
      Enjoy your weekend away, na thats it for us till spring, caravan all packed up. We are light weights lol. We live near the coast so long walks for us down the beach at the weekends. Hope Zoe is on the mend x
    9. ziva
      you know your dog best, it is not worth risking letting them off if you are unsure. Ziva is good but saw some geese yesterday and chased them a long way, she came straight back once they flew off but i know next time there are geese around she will go on the lead!!!
    10. archielee
      Awww thank you, bless her hope Zoes leg gets better soon that must be hard work, oh Shasta running off with them lol, yes my dogs do anything for treats, is his coat coming back yet?
    11. archielee
      Ebo loved it getting lots of hugs off people how are you hun?
    12. mishka
      Hi, how was your weekend. We had a fab time in the caravan, weather great and Mishka was as good as gold, crated her at night but she is used to that at home. Think she enjoyed the adventure, met our friends with a 12 week old cocker spaniel, they had an amazing time letting off steam on the beach, shame summer has come to an end, roll on spring xx
    13. ziva
      He is doing well!!! Ziva has turned a corner recently she still has a little snarl at big dogs but soon settles down. she is great now with all other dogs. her recall is great. it has taken a year but she will now come no matter how intersting something else looks! heel is not great but that is our fault for not practising. she will come close and walk alongside me if we are in the park near and open gate or something. I am really happy with how she is doing. Next big thing will be getting her spayed in afew weeks time
    14. archielee
      We are doing fab thanks hun, little Ebo (Lylas pup) is doing fab too taking him to a dog show this Sunday it will be so good for him, Shasta will get his coat back keep going at the training your doing a fab job xx
    15. mishka
      Sorry to here about Zoe poor girl, cant really chase after her crutches either bless.
      Mishka doing well, not to keen on strangers in the house but slowly getting better. Training is great fun two weeks of sitting at my feet shaking, did finally move for a piece of cheese in the last five mins, in the house she is doing much better thankfully. Caravan all packed, so fingers crossed for a chew free weekend lol. Take care and have a good weekend x
    16. ziva
      poor Zoe!! my son broke his heel in 4 places at easter, Ziva ate the plastic on his first pair of crutches!!!! Ziva is starting to fill out and is really behaving well. She is great off lead now and seems to have got over her issues with other dogs ( took a lot of work but has been worth it) her breeder said when she was two we would suddenly realise how well she was doing and we are feeling that now (she is 14 months) she still chews like crazy tho LOL
    17. mishka
      Hi, not yet hopefully this weekend, last time there were severe weather warnings so decided not to bother. How are you?
    18. mishka
      hi, hope your well, just reading the thread about caravan and made me smile as we are taking Mishka in ours for the first time this weekend and sounds like we will have our hands full lol
    19. ziva
      ziva is great, she is doing really well on recall and we can let her off but have to keep an eye open for joggers or bikes!!! Cheshire sounds fab! Does Shasta look smaller without his lovely coat? My daughter goes back to school tomorrow and my son next tuesday, my husband goes back tomorrow also (he is a teacher) so stress levels are high LOL
    20. ziva
      Just read your post to archilee, ziva is blowing her coat for the first time and i got her a furminator....it is great. it is a brush but she loves it (usually runs away when i get the brush out!!) ebay is the cheapest place to get one. i cannot believe how much fur comes out and how shiny her coat became after a couple of days!! highly recommend!! ziva has medium size one and i use it on the cats too
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    I have a daughter aged 9, who is animal mad!!
    We have 2 cats, a house rabbit, guinea pig and corn snake. But we desperately want a Klee Kai.

    Going on holiday in our touring caravan, just need a puppy to take with us!!!!!!!!!!
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