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Bob the Bouvier
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Sep 22, 2014
Feb 19, 2014
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Bob the Bouvier

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Sep 22, 2014
    1. Bob the Bouvier
      Bob the Bouvier
      Haha not at all.
      Wow he was big.

      We were drawn to a bouvier for hypoallergenic reasons. My husband suffers with allergies.
      It was either a bouvier or a giant schnauzer.
      I researched both but the schnauzer had negative points for being aggressive and difficult to handle. Obviously this can depend on the breeder and parents but it scared me tbh.
      My inlaws had a rescue schnauzer and that was aggressive, they had to get rid of it as it went for anything and everything.
      If I could have had my pick it would have been an Akita or Husky...
      But now that we have Bob I wouldn't swap him for the world.
      Sorry to hear you lost yours so young :0( that is no age at all. They are family members so it's completely understandable. Ours is a child substitute.
      We know a breeder that has a thirteen year old female and her mum is still alive!
      We are looking forward to the fun times ahead with Bob, here's hoping he doesn't try to be the boss of the house, he will soon learn that's me!!!
    2. dorrit
      Sorry am I scaring you? Max weighed about 60kg and 78cm ( 30ish inches) at the shoulder...His tail had a life of its own and swept entire tables clear of cups and plates when he wagged it.. He smelled like a wookie with BO and he moaned and 'talked' like one too...
      He passed away on 27th July 2001 at 16.47 and I felt as if I had lost a child, he really was a fantastic friend so gentle and so utterly devoted to us all..
      He had lymphomia... cancer is a huge killer of Bouviers which I suppose you must know but being a mix I had hoped he would escape it... He was just short of his 9th birthday ( aug 8th)

      Can I ask what made you choose a Bouvier? They are not common and certainly not the most glamerous of dogs!
    3. dorrit
      Ive just uploaded a few photos of Max into an album on my profile page..
      Max wasnt 100% Bouvier he was a cross Bouvier St bernard but he had all the good traits of a bouv and I loved him dearly....
    4. dorrit
      Hi Bob..
      I have some photos of Max he was a big black wookie and his photo is on my desk ...I will scan them in a let you see..
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    Mum and Dad to Bob the Bouvier :devil:

    Please ignore typos, stupid iPhone predictive text!!!
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