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Sep 12, 2020
Jan 8, 2012
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South Yorkshire

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bluepersianlover was last seen:
Sep 12, 2020
    1. marleyboo
      thankyou , thats really sweet of you. some days she seems her old self other days she is loopy falling off things, and when you call her sometimes she just seems so confused not her usual self hopefully just swelling and pressure . thanks hun, no matter what shes my little baby and will still have a good life no matter what the outcome xxxxxx
    2. marleyboo
      hi there shes okay apart from her little eye bless her. spoke to the vets today, they told me to keep bathing her eye and fetch her in on monday .just feel so sorry for her , she seems fine in herself shes eating alot, eating her treats too, drinking plenty of water, shes been so affecionate since the accident :( feel so sorry for her , can see how scared she is everytime a car comes past and shes in the window :( thankyou for asking its really sweet of you xxx
    3. marleyboo
      aww thankyou so much for asking i will give her a cuddle from you! thankyou so much :`0) i know i she wasnt my neighbour she was visiting her friend... not seen her car there since... so hope shes taken the hint :(... cant believe it still if i hadnt been there and watched it marley could have been dead :( we found her shaking in a hedge with her eyes rolling.. id have never found her if we werent there :( thankyou so much for asking shes so much better honestly im so relieved xx
    4. ella
      Ha ha, yes, the noises! Bibi doesnt have much of a voice (she sounds like a sore throat) but Henry could 'talk' and howl like a baby! I work from home sometimes so it was funny if I was on the phone.
      My catflap is a 4way one with a thing you turn indoors, the postman turned it by using his door key from the outside. She was gone for 10 days, it was awful. The food is Royal Canin Calm, and it has made a big difference. Is Evie on special food to build her up? Henry had A/D from the vet when he was sick to build him up but Bibi loves cat milk, and that has helped her. She was thin when I got her, and thin after she went missing - she is a good weight now. Evie is a great name!
    5. ella
      Aw, how lovely. She looks content. When I first got Henry, he just looked around and then curled up on the sofa, as if he had always lived here. Evie must feel really safe with you. Bibi has been so shy, and it has been a longer time to get her used to being here. She went missing in October when the postman unlocked the cat flap, there's a thread on here about it. She's on special food to help her be calm, and is now much happier. Does Evie snore? Both of mine have, and I think its so cute! I can hear them upstairs if I am downstairs!!!
    6. ella
      Henry died of cancer, he had been ill for 8 months, it was an aggressive sarcoma that the vet tried to find for all of the time he was ill, until he had to be PTS as he was so ill. Both Henry and Bibi were rescue cats - H was rehomed because he weed in their house - turned out he had bladder stones and once fixed with me he was mostly fine. Bibi was rehomed twice - her last rehome failed when her owner (he had her 3 weeks) put her out to fend for herself after a week when she scratched the furniture, and threw a sausage to her for food (whoch she couldnt eat). Neighbours reported him and she was rescued, matted and thin.
      To me, Persians are just so lovely, and I love their fur! How long have you had Evie?
    7. ella
      Thanks for your message - your Persian is cute too! I've added some more pics to my album now, so you can see some more of Bibi. My previous Persian was a Blue too - called Henry. He died in August and I really miss him.
    8. shamykebab
      Gosh, I'm such a gooby, just seen your message! Jazz is loads better now, thanks. He's still got a bit to heal but I'm hoping in a few more weeks he should be 100% better (touch wood). He has gone a bit grey over the scarred area :( but his fur still isn't all back yet. Thanks so much for your message!
    9. Oscars mam
      Oscars mam
      I'm from Between pontefract and Barnsley :) pretty nearby lol
    10. Oscars mam
      Oscars mam
      Hi just noticed you're from south yorks! What part you from? :)
    11. Jenni84
      thank you! stan is currently perched on my shoulder!! lol
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