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Jun 27, 2015
Oct 27, 2011
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PetForums VIP, from Back home where I belong.

BlueBeagle was last seen:
Jun 27, 2015
    1. ouesi
      Thank you for the rep :)
    2. Howl
      you're welcome :)
    3. Freddie and frank
      Freddie and frank
      No problem. It's good to be busy. You're very talented.
    4. suzy93074
      Yr welcome hun :) xx and thank u ;) xxx
    5. ozrex
      Dear BlueBeagle,

      My Monsters back at school tomorrow. They've just had a fortnight's holiday; NOT happy people. Trust your daughters are still looking forward to school.

    6. ozrex
      Dear BlueBeagle,

      How was the first day at school????? Get totally confused with tome zones but it's 5.23pm on Thursday for me. I know we hit Thursday before you do but simply can't cope, too stupid. So pretending it's the same for both of us!

      Older Son missed out on army selection (not enough leadership shown). Totally devastated but he'll get over it.

    7. ozrex
      Gidday BlueBeagle,

      Just wondering how you're travelling.

      Older son (Thomas) is in Canberra doing his final army assessment-thingy, back on Thursday. Younger son (Daniel) has just started his first job as a drug courier for the local pharmacy (hey, it amuses us). Saw Mother on Saturday for her birthday, she's 86 on Thursday. Inner Mongolian arrives Friday!


    8. ozrex
      When does Daughter start her new school?

      My Brutes are off. Permanent state really. Younger Brute will be asleep and Older is at Melbourne uni for his physics pracs.School holidays for next two weeks. NO school lunches and very little traffic on the roads, it's all good.

    9. ozrex
      YES!!!! YES!!!!!!! Well done, you!!!!

      Congratulations. Almost worth a bl**dy migraine.....

      Hope your daughter is pleased with the result and that she loves her new school. Must say schools ain't what they were in my day. Thank DOG! My two Brutes loved primary school whereas I HATED mine. Older Brute even goes and teaches an extension science programme at his old primary school (for purely selfish reasons) just shows you how kind the principal is......

      Let me know how you get on.

      Cheers (three hearty),
    10. ozrex
      How's the head??

      Hope you're feeling better.
    11. ozrex
      Alive kicking and resolutely vertical, thank you.

      Well done. Good strategy taking Suitably Dejected and Very Appealing child with you. She did it well. At last; a hint of an outbreak of common sense. May it continue to go well for you. Sounds very promising. Must say i fail to see what the problem is. I mean your daughter lives there and she needs to go to school. How hard can it be? Going to sound like the ancient old grump that I am but in my day there were around 40 children in a class... Don't want to go back to that - at all - but surely an extra little girl is "doable".

      Sorry about your migraine. They suck. I get them myself and Deeply Sympathise.

      Keep up the Good Fight.

      Cheers, Alison
    12. ozrex
      Good luck for this morning. May the forces of light prevail!

      I still think a muttering about "The Press" may help. Big picture of very appealing Small Child unable to go to school because of Big Bad Bureaucracy....
    13. ozrex
      That's just utterly unacceptable. Good luck with all the hassle. I guess going to the Department of Ed would be next? Mutterings about "THE PRESS"? Trip to interview the local MP?

      Your poor daughter. Just not what you need either. Its stressful enough moving country without all this extra grief. It's so time consuming arguing with officials, too. They're in NO hurry; you on the other hand...

      Good luck. Let me know how you go. All appendages crossed.
    14. ozrex
      B*gger. When will you know? It must be very close to the start of term. Our lot start in January but it used to be September when I was a scrubby brat. I'm assuming it's still the same?
    15. ozrex
      Sorry just found your respose to the school thing.......... Weird. A child here automatically gets a place in the closest primary or secondary school. If there are places left over then other children will be accepted from other areas.

      Did you get the school that you wanted?? It sounds most unsatisfactory. My Brutes knew which primary school they were going to, saw it and were reminded every time we went past "OOOh, that's YOUR new school etc." so they got used to the idea. Secondary school was different because they had to sit an exam to get into a particular programme that we wanted.

      Fingers crossed for you.
    16. suzy93074
      Thanx hun :-) xx
    17. ukmutz
      Hey another member who has moved to South East Asia :). Well I just popped over to say hi and ask how you and your dog are getting on in Bangkok? I love the city and even more the food. I'm in Singapore just now but who knows where we'll be in a few years time, maybe Bangkok too.
    18. swarthy
      You're welcome :D
    19. Malmum
      Sounds beautiful as long as you know the rules eh? Goodness knows what they would think of me feeding the dogs off my plate, lol. I'm quite happy here with my dogs and I suppose what you don't have you don't miss but I bet I'd love to travel really, while I have my fur kids though I'm staying put. Enjoy your rainy season, I love the rain and we've plenty here ATM!
    20. Malmum
      Thanks for that, he's all tucked up now and sleeping with his mummy.
      What's it like living out there in Thailand BlueBeagle? bet the scenery is wonderful but I saw a tv prog recently and they are so strict in Thailand I couldn't believe it, lol. This guy was locked up for 26 years for having a small amount of illegal drug at his house. Over here he would have got a year and let off in six months most likely.
      I don't do drugs but I thought 'crikey what if someone put some in your luggage, you'd be in a very nasty place for a very long number of years' - really scary!
      Not that I should worry cos I've enver been outside England but my kids, well i'd worry so much if they travelled the World, lol.
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