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May 12, 2015
Jan 13, 2013
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Kirkcaldy, Scotland.
Sous Chef.

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PetForums Senior, from Kirkcaldy, Scotland.

Bloodraine5252 was last seen:
May 12, 2015
    1. Cleo38
      Thanks for the rep. Just seen that thread is closed now - probably for the best as 2 people on there were doing my head in with their stupidity!! :D
    2. Cleo38
      Lol, you are right, there's just no reasoning with some people is there?! :D
    3. Flamingoes
      Please don't think I'm being an arse, henny :001_wub: just genuinely wondering how it comes about etc; plus always remember I'm autistic so I consider all my replies but then when I get really interested and focused I just speak with my head and I know it comes across rude or nasty sometimes :o

      Nicks just told me she had a friend who went through a different thing but who used pole dancing as fitness.

      I do try and learn I just need you to understand if I come across as an arse it's my autism and not me :o :o :o :o

      Much love xxxxxx
    4. blade100
      Oh no worries, you deserved the rep. Sound advice!
    5. blade100
      That's exactly what I was thinking, and yes I feel so sorry for that persons hsmsters that's even if they have any. I really hope it was just a **** stirrer. Thank goodness the threads been closed.
    6. moggiemum
      ahh that could be it , i ve got pf elbow lol,i keep propping my head up in my hand leaning on my elbow while im typing with the other hand , i ll have you know i can type 16 words a minute not including spellchecker bossing me around alwaysthinking he's in the right lol , aww hope you have a good day ,are you gonna get some cream or anything? does hubby have day off too ?if i dissapear im not being rude just lots to do :(
    7. moggiemum
      hey what do you think it is could it be stress related ? allergy? no other symptoms /
    8. moggiemum
      bet wishes to you and your hubby , scarey :( xx
    9. myshkin
      Thanks for the rep! :)
    10. Flamingoes
      I don't have facebook but I'd love them here and if you don't want to start a thread then I'll have them on my profile :D xxxx
    11. Flamingoes
      Thanks for posting that thread; it was really good timing :lol: xx

      ETA why have you got no 'friends' I shall not stand for this :p
    12. lostbear
      Thank you for the rep :)
    13. dougal22
      Thank you for the rep. Much appreciated :D
    14. Jesthar
      Thanks for the rep :)
    15. Bloodraine5252
      I always forget how to post on peoples walls!
    16. Mulish
      Thank you very much for my green blob :)
    17. metame
      Thanks for the rep :-)
    18. PetloverJo
      Thank you for the rep.
    19. lostbear
      Thank you for the rep.
    20. Summersky
      Thank you so much for rep! I hope today is a good day for you.
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    Kirkcaldy, Scotland.
    Sous Chef.
    Im a chef but I hate it and would love to work at an animal shelter.

    I adore my animals, I have 2 cats and 13 rats. Cats are Charlie and Loki. Charlie is a tabby who was found on a building site when he was a baby. He's quite shy but will cuddle on his terms. Loki is an exotic kitten who is so outgoing and loving. Loki was brought into the family recently as we lost our Persian and Charlie was very lonely.
    I have 11 girl rats and 2 neutered boys in 3 cages. Hopefully they will co exist in a single cage eventually.

    I like reading and playing games when I'm not free ranging, feeding or cleaning out cages and litter trays!


    Lor and her fur babies. Cats: Charlie and Loki. Rats: Elena, Keek, Needy, Mouse, Ghost, Trouble, Flick, Brownie, Holly, Dangerous Beans, Peaches, Claudia Wrinkleman and Hamnpork.

    To all who have went over the bridge: gone but never forgotten, I love you all!
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