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Apr 6, 2020 at 9:01 AM
Feb 12, 2009
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Apr 6, 2020 at 9:01 AM
    1. canuckjill
      I have forwarded the problem to Mark...
    2. Blitz
      I phoned the inverness vets today and have an appointment for week after next - scary and expensive thought!
    3. Dogless
      You are welcome; I am very pleased to hear that things seems to have stabilised in Candy's less seriously affected eye. I hadn't realised that you were on Orkney - very beautiful (I went many years ago) but not very convenient at all when specialist help is needed. I do hope that you manage to sort something out, I can tell what your dogs mean to you.
    4. Dogless
      Hope you don't mind me asking; but how is Candy doing? I was thinking about her today and wondering whether the specialist had seen her yet?
    5. Blitz
      Mine sleep a fair bit too, though they are out on the farm a lot so earn their sleep. Gales and wintry showers today so we visited a golden retriever friend instead of going out with horses. I think that wore them out more though!
      Glad she is chirpier and hopefully the specialist can sort out her cataracts. We are good thanks. Oscar has decided he is part hedgehog and is definately in partial hibernation, after his run this morning he has done nothing but snooze, so much for crazy spaniels ;)
      Hi Blitz, How is Candy doing, been meaning to catch up with your thread and seeing you post on the Duke thread reminded me to.
    8. cathycat1
      what is OP? thankyou
      glad she is improving :)
    10. RAINYBOW
      Hope Toffees doing better this evening x
    11. aldobaggins
      THanks Blitz. I'll maybe take her and have a chat with a groomer. Our puppy cass trainer is very particular about groomers and says she can recommend some very gentle ones.
    12. aldobaggins
      Hi Blitz - I'm a new member and have just acquired my first toy poodle pup 5 weeks ago. Loving her to bits. I'm looking for advice o0n clipping. I don't really want to do it as I think she look lovely au natural - is there really any compelling reason to do it?
    13. Horse and Hound
      Horse and Hound
      They certainly look rough and tumble!!
    14. Horse and Hound
      Horse and Hound
      NP. I am also loving your dogs. Poodles never rocked my boat before but yours are lovely
    15. Horse and Hound
      Horse and Hound
      Had to say what a great post I just read on that "what a great breeder thread". I've repped you for it!
    16. jennygelert
      hi i am a new member and a new poodle owner i have wanted a miniture for as long as i remember but my 7 month old refuses to eat i've had her 3 weeks can anyone help
    17. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      Hi Blitz.... Yup... I am happy to say that I am with you on this one..... Some members on here seem to be on here 24/7 and need to get a life... if you know what I mean.... I have worked 25years in the Hotel trade to retire for one year to de-stress then started up the Waggy Tails dog walking ... which I am loving to bits.... No Boss, no staff, no nothing... just me and a load of dogs having a great time in the open.... I had to laugh last night actually.... as after that ecollars thread... the sheep arrived yesterday !!!!! How funny is that..... Conoch (GSD) is just smelling the air at the moment and knows Not to go near.... he was the more sensitive of my GSD's and I think without Ninyo (who was pts last summer aged 11) I reckon will stay under control !!! Please stay in touch from time to time as it is good to have someone on my side of reality as opposed to the non-workers in the world with all the hand outs..... if you know what I mean ???? Pamx
    18. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      Hey.... I am with you on the topic on ecollars...... and guns come to that..... its just like anything in life .... if you want one... youcan get one... You should stick around as I think we have a lot in common !!!! As for some of the other folk on here.... well... what can i say..... by the sounds of most of them they are on their bums on here all day and need to get a life..... ooooppppssss, did i just say that.... hmmmmm.... notty me !!!!! Speak soon... take care.... Pamx
    19. katiefranke
      ok now you thought I was anti-vaccines!!!?? lol...now you see my views are relatively tame as far as vaccines go :) ...I meant to say - did you see my post in the vaccine thread about the insurance? I know you mentioned you didnt get the DHP etc vaccinated as regularly these days (only lepto), so didnt know if you had insurance? if so do check the policy as when i called a couple of the companies even though they dont state it in Ts&Cs it appears they expect every disease every year regardless of manufacturers directions or vets advice! ...unfortunately yet another inconsistency in policies/guidelines :(
    20. keeleyjane19
      My thoughts are with you, I am really sorry to hear about your loss, If you ever need a chat then don't hesitate to message me. My heart goes out to you, take care xxx R.I.P Floss......May you run free.......xXx
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