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Jan 23, 2022 at 8:53 AM
Feb 12, 2009
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Viewing thread milk coming out of puppies nose after nursing, Jan 23, 2022 at 8:53 AM
    1. danielled
      I can accept that hip scoring is important whereas others no longer think that. End of story bye bye see you later.
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      2. SusieRainbow
        Just posted this on Dan's wall
        Once a certificate of HD scoring has been issued the dog may not be resubmitted for scoring
        Sep 12, 2017
      3. SusieRainbow
        From the BVAsite.
        Sep 12, 2017
      4. Rafa
        Hip scoring is very important, ONCE. Why can't you get that nobody is saying it isn't necessary, just not required more than once. Can you accept you don't know better than a Vet?
        Sep 12, 2017
    2. danielled
      Sheesh. I did something called research and lots of it.
      1. Rafa likes this.
      2. Blitz
        it is still only your opinion and as that person had already said that she had to be careful what she fed the dogs she had obviously done a lot of research too. There is nothing at all wrong with bonios or jumbones for the majority of dogs. Do you only eat 100 percent healthy foods yourself. Even if you are right you could put it over more politely.
        Sep 8, 2017
      3. danielled
        Seemed polite to me. In future I won't bother posting on threads asking for advice. Does that make you happy?
        Sep 8, 2017
    3. HelloWorld
      @Blitz I appreciate all the help, there is no-one who thanks more than I.
    4. Pugluvver
      Haha! you know that I'm unstoppable. Especially when I'm banned for free speech. I'll just keep coming back for ever and ever. :)

      Great doggy you have.

      Love from me and the Jetmeister. :)
    5. Switch
      lol I posted this. Just showing you before I'm gone to another account. TTFN :)

      Ha! ok you got me. But I'm here in many guises. Why? because this place bans unfairly, locks discussions and certain moderators flout more rules than most members.

      I'm already permabanned as you call it. So, what options do I have when she bans me of her own volition?

      Anyway, this account has already achieved it's aim. If it's banned it doesn't mean I'm gone. ;)
      1. Alex_Brian likes this.
    6. Switch
      Hi Blitz, I just wanted to say thankyou for your impartiality. I've always found your posts to be fair, sensible and evenly balanced.

      I keep coming back because they banned me unfairly for discussing my dogs bleeping ecollar. I should add that I've never shocked a dog, ever.

      That was as LeighPing and last night as julie1962. Banned for the shopping dog threads. Well you know how certain mods roll by now. :)

      Anyway, I'll keep coming back the next time they ban me too. But only because I was banned unfairly in the first place. Just thought I'd let you know to clear up any confusion. :)

      [email protected] if you ever want to send me a really private message. I won't bite or shock you. :)
    7. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, just to say i was describing how i used to walk my dog max more a few years ago and do not walk him as much now, due to ill health. i told pf member that she is not a bad owner and not to feel guilty, my dog is a bit of a couch potatoe and for her not to worry, sorry if you took offence to my comment. lurchers do not all need to be walked for hours at a time. i will now go to pf and apologise to her, if my comments offended you goodness know how iv'e made her feel, thanks for bringing this to my attention, but my comments were not made to offend. apologies again, ttfn
    8. Blitz
      Glad you are recovered, it was really horrendous. I am very nervous about my achilles tendon, my brother had the same then snapped it. I have a pony with a tendon injury that he did about the same time, no tear but a lot of fluid round the tendon sheath so I have a lot of sympathy with him and realise why sometimes they are barely lame as I am seldom limping but it bloody hurts!
    9. cinnamontoast
      Watch put for that Achilles, both my parents snapped theirs, 8 weeks in plaster hip to toe, no fun! The leg is ok, I'm sound, not even a 1\10 lame, which is astounding! It just looks like a shark has taken a big bite. Mucking out and walking the dogs is building my fitness up. :)
    10. cinnamontoast
      Ooh, just saw my name mentioned on that closed thread! I definitely think us horsey types are more likely to get on and carry on than other people!! Hope you're not suffering, old injuries tend to cause more hassle as we age!
    11. paulapagu
      Hi, how are you? my name is Paula, i`m from Colombia. Im writing you coz i have to travel to live to UK and i have a pitbull. I had been researching lots, all that i found is that they are banned in UK, and i`m really sad coz that, till i read your post where you said you have a friend who bring a pitbull legally, that give me a hope. I love my dog and the last thing i want to do is leave him here in Colombia, that would be desvastating for me, my bf and my dog (blue). Please help me to contact your friend to ask him what i have to do. Please help me, I`ll appreciate that so much. Hope we can speak soon, mi email is [email protected] . Thanks
    12. SixStar
      Ah sorry, my mistake - I knew there was some kind of cataract issue with one of yours.

      The dog in question is a 10 year old Westie - cataracts in both eyes, not fully blind yet, but almost there. I had thought my mind was made up to not have them operated on - he's been developing them since he was 4 - but recently I've been having shadows of doubt and considering surgery. We were meant to be off to the vets for a good chat this morning but was asked if we could move our appointment until tomorrow seeing as it was not urgent. We'll see. Thanks for getting back to me anyhow.
    13. SixStar
      Hi Blitz - am I right in thinking you have a dog that has had cataract removal surgery? If so, would you mind me PMing you with some questions at all? :o
    14. sueprice
      Don't let distance be an issue, as that would not be a problem, see rescue helpers unite site
    15. Dogless
      How is Candy doing with her nails and eyes?
    16. emmaviolet
      Oh, ok then, if you must!;)
      I'm only going on the posts that followed but i could always be wrong, lets share it then! No arguments there!
    17. emmaviolet
      I believe that post was aimed at me, unless i am a huge egotist!
    18. Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Owned By A Yellow Lab
      SUPERB post re the nipping Border Collies :)
    19. Barkitty
      Hello, I am leaving the forum because of some really nasty people on here... find me on Facebook or Twitter as I'd like to keep in touch xxxx THIS IS NOT MARKETING!! HAHA
    20. mike7
      Hi I see from one of your post, that you work for Trophy pet foods. May I ask can you make any money out of it.
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