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Nov 10, 2014
Sep 23, 2014
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Nov 10, 2014
    1. LinznMilly
      The second was when I'd come home from taking Max to the vets. I'd left Mill in the kitchen, which, as it turned out, was a big mistake. As well as having cleared the counters and rearranged them.on the floor, she'd chewed the kitchen door... Not good, when you rent. ;) Once I seen the damage to the door, I thought, "that's it! I'll have to rehome her now! The council will make me!" I walked in a trance to the living room, sat down ... And broke my heart!! Bless her, but she came trotting in, tried to lick my tears away and started me off again. :o :D

      Luckily the council have never noticed the door, and Mill outlasted the cleaner. In the end, I had enough of him referring to her as his dog, snatched his money away and corrected him. He didn't get the money until he got the message and I've never seen him since. :D

      I'm just glad I can help bring some reassurance and support to you that it does get better.
    2. LinznMilly
      VMs (Visitor Messages) like this are visible to anyone who's logged in and clicks on your name, but once you have so many posts under your belt you get the option of PMs, too.

      You can't see the wood for the trees. ;) I had so many moments like that with Mill. I remember THE lowest points, but equally, the turning points with Mill. The first one was when I was having a bad day with her house training. Window cleaner had knocked on the door for his money, but had seen Mill in her crate while doing the windows. He asked if that was a lurcher, and when I said she was, he said, "when you get sick of her, I'll have her". It was on the very tip of my tongue to say, "I'll get her lead" - and I meant it!! Milly just so happened to be standing on the half-landing behind me at the time, and I looked up and caught her eyes. I turned round to the window cleaner, smiled, said "I'll keep that in mind, thanks", and me and Mill climbed up the stairs together.
    3. LinznMilly
      Hi BB.

      I posted this on your thread last night, but I was wondering how things are going with your dog?
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