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Apr 2, 2009
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December 5
anywhere theres a bottle

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    1. danielled
      How are you.
    2. Waterlily
      you're welcome :D and that was a while ago lol so welcome for that too xx
    3. danielled
    4. danielled
      How are you. I'm not too well. I seem to have found a tummy bug. Not as bad as last night though.
    5. danielled
      With a local anaesthetic too.
    6. danielled
      Lol think I wasn't very clear. They gave me the diagnosis from the laparoscopy. Took me off the injection and now I'm on the implant, told them to stop the injection. They stopped that. Now the implant was put I'n with local anaesthetic I'n November. The implant was a better idea it stays I'n 3 years then comes out and is replaced with a new one. Without it I get the endo attacks again.
    7. danielled
      Not had an endo attack. Looks like the hospital only needed to do a laparoscopy and suggest I have this implant. Looks like the implant wthe treatment I needed but nooo they put me on an injection that does more bad than good first. Implant is working.
    8. lozb
      Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope you're celebrating in style!!! :D xxx
    9. colliemerles
      HApPy BiRtHdAy
    10. sarah456
      Hi bird,

      I's sending you this because you're first on the list of moderators!!
      I wanted to ask this because I don't want to offend anyone or break any rules. I do animal portraits in pencil and would like to advertise my work on this forum. Do I have to make a certain number of posts first? Are the classified boards the right place? Anything I else I need to know?
      Best wishes, Sarah
    11. swarthy
      Many thanks for the rep - much appreciated xx
    12. danielled
      A certain somebody still has Jorja's blanket.
    13. danielled
      I will. Only one problem she has my Jorja's blanket. Bad enough endometriosis running my life without her messing things up.
    14. danielled
      I know. She is so uncarer like though and I'm not happy with her anyway so going to see about getting a new carer. If I want help with something she looks over to me when I call her over and just stays where she is.
    15. danielled
      I've not been dog walking for months.:( carer is refusing point blank since her puppy got parvo in may that was before she took him for a two week trial run. Everything was disinfected according to her. Told her countless times I want to go again. When the litter and mum got parvo I knew she would do what she's done.:( they are all fine now. Only one who didn't get parvo was Toby the dad.
    16. danielled
      There's treatments to at least make it easier though right? They are talking about an implant in my arm.
    17. danielled
      There's no cure for it?
    18. danielled
      My endometriosis no pain killers work not even morphine. They cut through my belly button.
    19. danielled
      How's you. Though they told us what they found on the laparoscopy at hospital got a copy today I have endometriosis. I hate trying to spell that.
    20. danielled
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    December 5
    anywhere theres a bottle
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