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Jun 1, 2013
Apr 15, 2009
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PetForums Member, from Bedfordshire

bimbleweb was last seen:
Jun 1, 2013
    1. Dozymoo
      Just checked out your website and I see you have new kittens! Congratulations! Details please ;) Also congrats on the prefix xx
    2. RockySapphire
      Hi I was just looking through your albums. Gorgeous pics. :)
    3. Dozymoo
      That's great. They are a lovely pair of kittens. I do have a soft spot for torties like Tia! The stud owner has been incredibly helpful, and I trust her judgement completely. We can take her back a couple of times, for longer stays if necessary. And if it still doesn't work then she will let us try using one of her other studs boys. I hope it does work with this boy though. He's very handsome. :)
    4. Dozymoo
      Not pregnant unfortunately. She should be pinking up as we speak but she was calling like crazy earlier this week. Going to try again on her next call? It's a pity about the timing cos she's looking fab at the moment and I'd have entered her in a couple of shows if I'd known. :) But we're all very well and happy. How's you and your clan?
    5. kitties
      amber has had her kittens, check out thread for details
    6. burfy
      Hi Thanks
      Bo & Luna they love your comments !
    7. kitties
      hi thanks for your lovely comments about Amber, you can see bigger pics of her here: Wor Cats - AMBER

      yours look gorgeous too. So unusual.

      Off to check your album.
    8. Jen26
      Thats ok, thanks for the friends request too. You going to the supreme this year?
    9. Jen26
      You will be fine, Iam sure they have lovely homes to go too. I was just looking at your album, Little pumpkin is gorgeous. :)
    10. Angelic1
      Thank you :) xx
    11. Angelic1
      Love the pics of your puddykats! :) xx
    12. colliemerles
      hellooooooooooooooooooooooo, thank you for poping by to say hellooooooooooooooooo,xxxxxxxx
    13. Jen26
      ah, thanks..., have ur bundles of fun gone to their new homes yet ? x x
    14. Dozymoo
      Hi! Going end of the month hopefully! Starting to get nervous about what we're signing up for! Really excited at the same time! :) How's you and your brood? ;) Still adorable I'd imagine..
    15. Dozymoo
      Thanks for the rep! Only just noticed it. :) xx
    16. Jen26
      :)Thanks for the rep:) How are your kittens doing?
    17. colliemerles
      haha Dizzy HATES it, lol, but i do love the variants, i have been looking out for another,
    18. colliemerles
      your cats are gorgeous, my Dizzy is a british short hair long hair variant, shes the tortie one,xx
    19. Dozymoo
      Thanks very much! :) she's a little minx though! Has me well and truely under the paw! xx
    20. Dozymoo
      Patchouli looks lovely in that photo! You must be really proud. How old is she?
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    Busy family of children, cats, warwick the cockerdoodlepoo and tropical fish.

    We have 5 cats and 7 kittens from our British Shorthair queen, Patchouli.





    "People who hate cats, will come back as mice in their next life."
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