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billie jo
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Feb 3, 2012
Feb 17, 2011
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kent uk
security dog handler

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billie jo

PetForums Member, from kent uk

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Feb 3, 2012
    1. Cockerpoo lover
      Cockerpoo lover
      Love your passion regarding fox hunting.
      Think you explained it very well :-)
    2. katie200
      i will try but cant say i will get to sleep though lol i will have a look at the cruelty thread as i dont thing ive seen it talk to you tonig:ht have a nice day:)
    3. billie jo
      billie jo
      Katie try and get a nights sleep - not good for you staying up all night - I know look whose talking! lol I just give my two penneth on that cruelty thread - boy did I go for the pro hunt lot - bet they will be frothing at the bit to get back at me! lol Bring it on eh girl lol talk to you tonight hun xx
    4. katie200
      yeah im sure you will be fine lol
      i am up with a lot on my mind and doing a bit of reading lol
    5. billie jo
      billie jo
      Yep pretty hands on stuff - bit scary - but an adrenaline junkie like myself - I'll be fine! What are you doing up this late??
    6. katie200
      yeah i am ok thanks
      Good luck with the new job sound exciting
    7. billie jo
      billie jo
      Hi katie how ya doing sweetheart? Only just logged on. Yep I'm good, starting my new job on Thurs so quite excited.
      Hope your good - speak to you soon

      Kaz x
    8. katie200
      hello how are you today
    9. billie jo
      billie jo
      lol Yes I do - they drive me barmy! I work with one guy and honestly if you have a black cat - his one is blacker!! I'm a member of another forum, it's to do with security, OMG you should hear them all - everyone is better than everyone else and every one of their dogs is, 'the top dog in the country!' Drives me mental! lol
      Anyways my name is Kaz good to hear from you x
    10. Gratch
      Hiya, saw in your 'About Me' that you hate know it all's too :D
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    kent uk
    security dog handler
    Hi - my name is Kaz - I'm a dog handler

    I spend a lot of time training my dogs. I train with a NASDU registered instructor weekly. One of my favourite hobbies is pretending to be a dumb blond - its the surprise element when people discover I'm not!! I'd say a pet hate of mine are the 'know it all brigade,' these people come in various forms and sizes and generaly irrate the hell out of me.
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