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Sep 8, 2009
May 16, 2009
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just over the border lol.

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PetForums Senior, from just over the border lol.

bichonsrus was last seen:
Sep 8, 2009
    1. bichonsrus
      ive seen your pics, and your dogs look lovely, all my three are certainly active dogs lol. I live in London is this going to be too far for you to travel?
    2. dottydogs
      My boy Teddi is 2.5 years old and it was my little girl Missy's birthday last Friday when she was 2 years old and they are both so cute and loving. Teddi is from a rescue centre in Bristol - I have had him for just over a year now and I purchased Missy a month later from an internet advert - her owners were moving abroad. Teddi is very quiet and laid back and just likes to be with me all day (I work from home) - he sits under my desk in his bed! lol. Missy loves to run in and out of the garden all day collecting plant pots and toys and she just loves to play so I am looking for a little active puppy friend for her. One of my friends has a 3 month old bichon who I look after some times and Missy adores him - they spend all day playing. She also loves going for long walks and will run and run so she needs a little friend to run with - Teddi does 10 minutes then walks the rest of the way. I live 10 minutes walk from the beach and 5 minutes away from a nature reserve so we have plenty of lovely places to walk. I run my own business from home so the dogs are with me all day and I have a large fenced garden for them to play in. I would love to come and meet your puppies if you think I might be suitable to adopt one.
    3. Varkhond
      Hey manson don't eat mcdonalds, he only eat boners from danny filth. ;d

      No srsly that avatar, i cant figure it out! :p
    4. Sampuppy
      I'm pretty useless with computers so would never be able to explain how I got mine on!!! Why not start a thread asking how to do it - i'm sure there are plenty of people that would be only too happy to help!!!
    5. Sampuppy
      Would love to see some photo's??? We have a bischon x cairn - she is a beautiful little girl!!
    6. hobo99
      Thats great , glad you got sorted, Happy grooming . suz x
    7. hobo99
      Pet Supplies from Pet-Supermarket - Dog | Grooming | Page 1 I found these which are the same as mine, could noe get a pic , not that good with pc. hope it is of some help, also try your pet shop. Please let me know how you get on . suz
    8. hobo99
      Hi, i am sorry just realised, that i got that the wrong way round about the clippers when i got mine out to trim a dew claw, the sort you are after i bought in our local pet shop,they have a rounded out cutting edge and are very good ,and my dog has very hard claws and they dont split them, if you arent sure what i mean tell me and i will try and get a pic. suz x
    9. bichonsrus
      well, for a start you got the £20 odd quid for getting them on register, who made them God!!I agree that you should have pets interest paramount which i do, i dont overbreed, i actually left it longer than a year until i bred her , i left it nearly another two years before i bred her again but i didnt need a kc registration to tell me this , i look up advice on their website. I heard somewhere that some kc registered pups were all overheated and died, the kc registration to me mean not alot, its the breeder who you have to trust to be responsible at the end of the day and check them out. oh and why cant we have mongrel dogs anymore........some want pure breeds only......hitler society more like!!Mongrels make the best dogs and thats coming from someone that has a purebreed dogs lol, though i love them to bits lol.
    10. SuzannePetPhotographer
      Thanks for the reply on my post! Thank god someone who thinks like me lol
      I rekon KC is good but too much a money maker!
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    just over the border lol.
    Hi i am a mum and dog lover. I have two female bichon frise and a male that was a rescued dog. Also have a black and white cat and a rabbit, its a right little noah's ark here lol, my kids also nagging for tropical fish but ive had to be firm and say not just yet lol.

    Bichon Frise dogs obviously lol, art , photography.


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