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May 28, 2011
Apr 11, 2010
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PetForums Senior, from Viewpark

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May 28, 2011
    1. mushymouth
      Your boxer is adorable. Soooo cute
    2. hawksport
      Same here. What did we do before digital cameras
    3. hawksport
      Great pics youve just uploaded
    4. leanne2479
      happy new yaer to all hope u have a great 2011 :O)
    5. H0lly
      Hello, Dora is doing well she is growing so much, She had her 2nd jabs yesterday and her microchip. We have puppy lessons next week so she should soon be a well behaved little madam LOL. Hope Trigger has fun on his holiday :) xx
    6. H0lly
      Hi ya, she is a little terror absolutely gorgeous tho, She doesn't like her crate which is going to be tricky, i think i may get her to sleep upstairs at night with us and then crate during the day when needed, she slept from 11-1 and then 1-5 then 5- now (7 ish ) this morning so she isn't doing bad x
    7. Bexy
      Red boxers are the best but then i am biased :-). Can't wait to see pics. Be ready for the craziness that is a boxer, my boy is just in from a long walk and is still hyper (he is currently pounding his squeaky rubber chicken with his front paws) but i wouldn't change him for the world.

      I am excited for you too x
    8. H0lly
      hello, Yes im so excited Im getting a little Red girl from Kenbru picking her up on the 17th Her name is Dora and i only have one picture but its not a great one, as soon as i get her i will have loads of pictures uploaded :)

      So very very excited x
    9. valerie samantha
      valerie samantha
      hi bexy an update on my boy, his collar came off by mistake and , hes been so much more relaxed today , he hasnt touched his stitches , we r so hoping he doesnt tonyt either, hes been like his oldself i hope we dont have to put it bcak on b4 he has them out this thurs , hope ur guy is ok too x
    10. H0lly
      thanks for the info, im off to look at your boxer pics :)
    11. Boxer2010
      hows your boxer taking to training?
    12. Boxer2010
      your boxer is adoreable, I have a little girl, 16 weeks today :D
    13. Matrix/Logan
      Yes Blade is very easy going and loves everyone he meets, when we go out for a walk if he sees someone he just stops and sits down and gives them his 'i am gorgeous and you know you want to fuss me look'!! hehehe
    14. Matrix/Logan
      Thanks sweet! I love Trigger he has such a handsome little face on him! Is he a good boy? We took Blade to the beach last night and he was a dream! Bless him he is so good and no trouble at all! X
    15. leanne2479
      yea got loads of new pics of them on here,lol,they have been having ago at each other today but not much they have to find out which 1s in charge then they will settle down,they brill alone its when the kids are there they fight for attention but theres 6 of us so plenty of tht,lol
    16. leanne2479
      i drove 120 miles to get her,the gentleman i bought her off was going throw messy divorce,and lost his home so had to sell her.but shes been so well loved and cared for,missy loves her, x
    17. sequeena
      Aw thanks! They do have very similar facial expressions :D
    18. leanne2479
      got another boxer ,shes great missy is only a week older than her but new boxer amber looks so young she red with black mask face,and a tiny bit white on her chest pic of her in my pets, xhope alls well, x
    19. hawksport
      She already knows, this will be her third. She wouldn't have anything else
    20. hawksport
      He is a red bobtail
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