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May 24, 2020
Jun 30, 2009
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December 27
Squished under Otto and/or Alfie!

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PetForums VIP, from Squished under Otto and/or Alfie!

Bex190 was last seen:
May 24, 2020
    1. brackenhwv
      Hi leg still got a bandage on it, will take it off tomorrow but seems fine, not lame or anything. Keeping her quiet ? No Chance !! She's a vizz after al they don't do quiet !
    2. LouJ69
      Love the pics Hun!
      Poor Monty! Think he took the first aid session a bit to seriously though- I ended up having to bring him to the vets later that day coz he wasn't very well. He had swollen lymph nodes and we ended up having to pay £70 in the vets! Typical, hey?
    3. LouJ69
      No, I'm gonna be making mine up too! I haven't had a lot of time tbh.
      I'm delighted we'll be doing the first aid too, saves me €100! where are you staying?
    4. LouJ69
      Ooh, have you seen that we're doing canine first aid next week? Looking forward to that! How's otto coming along?
    5. LouJ69
      We're doing good-Alpha turned 1 last month, I was 30 & Monty was 5 in March so we're all getting old! lol
      I'm going the second week too, staying in the Travelodge coz it seemed to be the cheapest place that I could find. The first night was £19 & the next 3 were £29 so it wasn't too bad.
      Poor old Otts, he's a wally-of all the times to injure himself, hey?! What are you doing for your training? I'm doing assistance dog training with Monty, it's coming on ok. He gets bored though-he tends to second guess me & does the behaviour before I can even build up to it-I'm not complaining though-less work for me! lol
      You bringing Alfie this time? I'd love to meet him!
      I got myself a little van so I was thinking of adapting it for college. The back part has mesh separating it from the front & coz I have the 2 dogs I was hoping I wouldn't have to put 2 crates in. Do you think the fan with the battery and the reflective sheets would be enough?
    6. LouJ69
      Ooh, I also meant to ask you-what is the name of the fan that you have in your car for the dogs in college? What else would I need to do if I want to leave the dogs in my van?
    7. LouJ69
      Hey stranger...long time no see! How have you been? What week you going over to BB?
    8. LexiLou2
      Thanks, been working out our route sohuld take 3 hours 45 mins there and the same back, hmmm 7 and half hour round trip....they better like eachother!!! :-)
    9. LexiLou2
      Thanks, can't wait to meet him he's been reserved for about 4 weeks bless him because we have been on holiday so I hppe it goes well.
    10. kaz_f
      Yeah I'm happy to but he's a big chicken. He acts like one of those ladies that you always see at the swimming pool that are only in up to their waist cos they don't want to get their hair wet :)
    11. kaz_f
      Sorry for the delay - been away. That's brilliant Bex, really amazing. He is very focused I wish I could get Alf doing some agility. I see that the tuggy is his main reward so that's great. Is that his fave toy? My main aim at the minute is to get Alf to readily go into water without being anxious so please by all means send Otto over lol! I can always meet him off the train but be warned I might just pinch him! :D
    12. kaz_f
      I'd love to see a Vizsla doing agility - good on you Otto! He sounds like a great dog.
      Yeah I'm thinking paddling pool weather too. It's Alf's birthday this summer (4!) and I am thinking of getting him a float coat to improve his water confidence. When we go on walks we often see places where we could have a dip but he's not a fan of swimming so I'm thinking that'll help him to enjoy the water more.
    13. kaz_f
      Yikes - where did you spring from lol! I wasn't sure you were around these days it's lovely to hear from you. We're good thank you, very much enjoying the sun. It's so hot here today I have even dusted off my sundress. What have you been up to and have you any new additions to your pack that I don't know about? How are your two doing? x
    14. Ducky
      aww they are looking good! yeah lots of new folks. im more of a lurker these days tbh hehe. still on a lot, only just post on the odd occasion. mainly cooing over puppies hehe!
    15. Ducky
      i know! time flies! skye will be 2 in june! shes a proper little princess. and kody...well hes his usual lazy but mischevious self! and me...im the same old haha. just back from devon where i did a course with shaun ellis. brilliant. really enjoyed it. hope you will be making a regular appearance again!
    16. Ducky
      heyyyyyy! i was just thinking about you the other day! where have you been!?

      how are those beautiful hounds of yours doing? x
    17. Luvdogs
      Vizzy 24 ......Puppies!! ;00)))))
    18. Luvdogs
      LOL....he will be trouble then! i will go and have a peak at Bairdys pics :)
    19. Fyfer
      Hi, Bex -- Someone said that you taught dogs scent work for a college course. Any tips on teaching my dog to start with scent work? He's fantastic at sniffing out toys inside or outside (he goes into a shed, I throw toys as far as I can in any direction, and he always finds them). I'd love to 'wake up' his nose even more but am not sure how to do it. Thanks in advance from Fyfer
    20. kaz_f
      No way! The little beggar :) He's a fruity boy obviously, tell him he's a dog and so he doesn't need his 5 a day. Alfie's ok but was bitten yesterday by a Border Collie :( Collies always bite him and Alfie never defends himself so he has a little wound on his back. I've bathed it and it looks fine so it's no biggie. It was strange really as all the signs were that he was going to get on well with this collie, waggy tails and playful stances etc but it tried to mount him and after that it got extremely aggressive. Alf was none the worse for the ordeal as he bounces back very quickly and I intervened straight away so it could have been a lot worse.
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    December 27
    Squished under Otto and/or Alfie!
    I'm owned by Otto the Hungarian Vizsla, Alfie the Lurcher and Bob & Fizz the Leopard Geckos.



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