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Feb 28, 2014
Jan 12, 2010
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Animal therapist offering homeopathy, canine mass

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PetForums Member, from Lincolnshire

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Feb 28, 2014
    1. mummyschnauzer
      Hi bevstretton, hows it going with you, what have you been doing lately? anything interesting, me just chilling after Christmas.
    2. David @ Natural Dog
      David @ Natural Dog
      Hi Bev,
      Great to hear from you. Things here are hectic as always but going very well thanks. How is everything on the Relaxing Thyme front? Thanks very much for linking to us. I'm afraid everything on our website is taking so much time. We're in the process of over-hauling a large portion of it including the links page but you're details are top of the list to go on when it's ready. Sorry about the hold up.
      I'm looking forward to the show. Should be a good weekend if the weather will just hold off - we've got thunder today! Fingers crossed though!
      Take care and catch up soon.
    3. alyson
      Thanks for the encouragement.
    4. alyson
      Thanks for the message.I live in Burton-on-Trent,Staffs.I did look at BSY last year,but was worried about not having any practical lessons,Initially I would like to try massage on my own pup,but a career would be good as I'm trying to find work now, after having a hysterectomy and not being able to be kept on in my old job.
    5. jackjack59
      hi bev can i add you as a friend on facebook so as i can get your tips plse was so grateful as she is lots better ,
    6. bevstretton
      As featured in Dog World On Line 4th March 2010 by Eileen Geeson
      Weeding out the medicines
    7. SamP
      Hi Bev, nice to hear from u!!!! Kigis doing really well thanks changed his food to wheat & cereal free, he is eating much better. Have been out & about with him training classes are really paying off :) How's all with you & yours???
    8. Kitarna
      Hi, Hammys most recent pictures are here : Hammy - sore but as good as it gets - Pet Photo Gallery - Upload & Share Pet Photos
      They are in the members gallery .. i think!
    9. JANICE199
      Hi Bev,
      Oh you have my sympathy if you have no heating,i had the same problem a couple of months ago.I'm just waiting for a phone call to see whether or not i'll be going to visit my brother.The pictures are lovely that friends send me and they cheer me up,we have some great members on here.Apart from that not much changes lol, roll on the summer.:D:D:D
    10. JANICE199
      Hi ya,
      Nice to hear from you again.I hope you are enjoying forum life lol,and i can understand why your dogs prefer being by the fire,me too.:D:D I'm fine thankyou,how are things with you,apart from being busy with crufts.:D
    11. bevstretton
      Relaxing Thyme - Holistic treatments for dogs
      Working with vets offering complementary health care
    12. David @ Natural Dog
      David @ Natural Dog
      Wow, it's all go! A meeting sounds great. From the end of February I'll actually be living in Sleaford so getting to you won't be a problem. Talk soon.
    13. David @ Natural Dog
      David @ Natural Dog
      Hello Bev,
      Of course. It did occur to me that that's who you would be but when I saw your address on your website I thought I must be mistaken. Anyway, it's great to hear from you. Do you still work with Kirks? We are currently working on a new links page for our website but I'll make sure you get added when it's up and running. If you could arrange a reciprocal link that would be great. Also, we're always on the lookout for fresh content for our website's Dog Spot section, so if you have any articles on homeopathy, canine massage, herbal products or anything else that may be of interest to our customers, we'd be more than happy to put them on, credited to you of course.
    14. zacknzena
      Thanks for the message :)
    15. David @ Natural Dog
      David @ Natural Dog
      Hi Bev,
      Happy new year to you too. I hope I don't come accross as rude but I think you're going to have to refresh my memory a bit. Have we met? I'm really sorry but I meet so many people and my memory isn't what it should be. Either way I like the look of your website and products and would be happy to link together.
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    Home Page:
    Animal therapist offering homeopathy, canine mass
    Married and mother to all my animals

    My two male German Shepherds, 2 moggies, 1 cornish rex & 1 bengal kitten



    Complementary health care for you & your pets
    Well known in Dog World magazine & often seen at dog showsrelaxingthyme@aol.com
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