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Jan 10, 2014
Feb 18, 2012
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Jan 10, 2014
    1. Libertybelle
      Hi beth, hope you are well, nice pup x What age is the pup? Whats its name? I have a 5 year old goldie, called Bonnie, a 3 year old Goldie called Libby and an 8 month pup from Libby called Hope cos she was not well when she was born. x
    2. 8tansox
      Thank you for my rep!
    3. springerpete
      Hi Bethj, saw you'd paid mr a visit, just thought I'd say hello. Nice pup.. Cheers. Pete.
    4. lola belle
      lola belle
      Hi, just been reading your post about dog food, can be a harsh place this forum eh !!! A lot of people on here are very opinionated......pays to take no notice a lot of the time. Good luck with your forthcoming litter....
    5. nicolaa123
      Hi I left message on your thread about hedgehogs..
    6. CaliDog
      Thankyou for the rep :)
    7. Milliepoochie
      Thank You for the rep :-) x x
    8. Labrador Laura
      Labrador Laura
      Thank you for the rep :)
    9. danielled
      Thanks I'll keep you updated. Watch this space dog chat lol.
    10. danielled
      We want one about 2 year old but a small dog.
    11. bethj
      I don't think golden retrievers shed that much fur and we own 4 of them but they are big.
      are you thinking of getting a puppy or an older dog?
    12. danielled
      I fell in love with her. We are looking at getting a dog at the end of the month. A small on that won't shed too much. Don't mind a bit of fur every where just not massive amounts.
    13. danielled
      The pic of the gorgeous dog you posted on the photo game thread in dog chat first page. What breed is the gorgeous dog. Soooo cute.
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    I Have 4 Golden Retrievers who i love to bits.
    Recently had our first litter 15/11/11 she had 9 pups 5m, 4f


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