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Dec 5, 2015
Aug 30, 2010
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beris was last seen:
Dec 5, 2015
    1. redginald
      Hi! Hope you're well!
    2. mypuppyben
      Best Compilation of Funny Animal Videos!
      Try not to laugh~:P


    3. Animal Pastel
      Animal Pastel
      Hi Beris

      Thanks for visiting
    4. GoldenShadow
      Morning, hope Heidi got on OK at the vets yesterday :)
    5. Yourgifts Ourgifts
      Yourgifts Ourgifts
      Lovely photos on your albums...
    6. emmaviolet
      i hope heidi and you have had a good day today and her leg is better too. x
    7. beris
      Thank you. She is having problems with her arthritis in her left leg today. She was doing to much running around with my daughters Welsh Springer on the beach yesterday.
      You have some nice photos in your album. I like the one in particular that you posted today in 'Sleeping Beauties' I hope you dont mind I saved it !!
    8. Helbo
      Just wanted to say how beautiful Heidi is - great photos in your album :)
    9. beris
      You know what a pitiful sight that samoyeds having no fur is. Heidi doesn't leave my side, she is my shadow, other when we are out walking on the beach or country park, (off lead walks) she takes very wide births to get past people. Unfortunately we dont go very far with her on lead as she panics when people pass close to us. My daughter and I have tried always to try to get over this fear, I used to do competition with my dogs before I retired and thought I had the knowledge to overcome her fears but I'm afraid they are to ingrained to overcome, so I wont put her through more stress. Fortunately I live in the country and lots of quiet walking spaces.
    10. redginald
      Thats a shame, sounds like she had a rough time, at least she is happy now!, ours had a skin condition that caused her alot of pain and often had to be shaven (not much left without the fur!!) ours used to escape alot aswell!
    11. redginald
      Hi, thought i would message you rather than jack that thread!, just looked at your pics of Heidi she looks alot like our old Heidi, she looks in great shape!. Its strange i don't see alot of Sammys about, and don't hear of alot of people or dogs called Heidi!. We got ours from a family who couldn't cope with her as a puppy, this would have been around 1990 though i was only a kid, if i remember rightly she was from a breeder around Swansea
    12. Born to Boogie
      Born to Boogie
      I just have Phoenix and Boogie. Are you talking about Jazzie, on my web site? He was a rescue and was only with us for 7 months. he died very suddenly with a massive inoperable tumour that ruptured his intestines.
    13. Born to Boogie
      Born to Boogie
      I have 2 Samis. Phoenix is an 11 year old bitch and Boogie a 2 year old boy. I show Boogie, or rather, we show each other up. Phoenix has retired from showing now; she is my best ever little girly and first champion; a real princess and so very special.
    14. Sammy123
      Bella also adooooores children and has a special approach to them. She is sensitive to raised voices so if me and my partner start arguing, she would bark at us. She also doesn't approach people that are afraid of dogs and would choose her way of gaining their trust, at the end she always succeeds.

      That is our Bella, who does occasionally have a mind of her own and decides to ignore orders, but that is called a Samoyed Selective Deafness. It is who they are, they work with people and not for people. :D What about Heidi, what is she like?
    15. Sammy123
      Bella is 9 months old and she came to us after 2 years long search. She has amazing personality, is very kind to everything and everyone. She is also a very clever girl, so training her is very pleasant, apart from pulling on the lead. We are still working on this. :) She hates being left home alone. Samoyeds really do need constant company! Every time you fuss her, she drops her ears and gives you paw. On many occasions I was told that this indicates fear of people but I found out that most Samoyeds do this. She is also a big barker, she barks for a reason and no reason. :) When we are in a local park, everyone just wants to stroke her and she would never say no to that. I believe she would replace us for a cuddle.
    16. Sammy123
      Hey Beris, puppy farm dogs always bring tears in my eyes. I just can't understand how the government is allowing this! :( It is amazing that you took her on. Do you know why her fur was lost? Considering she is a Samoyed and that she doesn't like people...who knows what is behind that! I never came across this breed not liking people.

      German Shepherds are amazing dogs, my partners favorite breed, but I am slightly reserved towards them.
    17. Sammy123
      Hey, Heidi is beautiful!!! :)
    18. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, thank you for the like. what age is heidi? she is absolutely stunning, i loved the pics.
    19. beris
      Thank you. She only had a bit of fur around her ruff when I got her as it all had to be shaved off she was in such a mess.
    20. Waterlily
      Your Heidi is lovely :)
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    I am a retired widow, had dogs all my life, used to do obedience with my golden retrievers and working trials with my GSD's. That seems a long time ago now. My last two dogs have been rescues from puppy farms. Heidi was rescued from RSPCA, having been removed from a puppy farm due to her condition. I have had her 4 years she is lovely but my one big problem she is still terrified of people.

    Dogs. I am an artist, also enjoy sewing.
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