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Apr 21, 2010
Aug 9, 2008
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Eastbourne, East Sussex
Full time bunny mummy

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PetForums Junior, from Eastbourne, East Sussex

bellabunnylops was last seen:
Apr 21, 2010
    1. Jenny GWR
      Jenny GWR
      Hi Nikki,
      My name is Jenny and I work for Guinness World Records. Having seen photos of your lop earred rabbits on here I am writing in regard to the record for the longest ears on a rabbit.
      Some of the photos you uploaded show a rabbit with exceptionally long ears and we would be very interested to know the measurement of his/her full ear span to see if we have a record breaker!
      Please feel free to contact me direct jenny.langridge@guinnessworldrecords.com as opposed to this forum as I am on email all day.
      Many Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon,
    2. katie200
      love your bunny so cute ive never seen such big bunnys but sooooooo cute i had a little rabbit when i was a bit younger i named him rocky he was gray and white and had a lovely temprement unlke my sis rabbit lol he used to love being held he was cute see your lovely photo reminded me of him
    3. Bunnieshaven
      Hi Nikki fancy seeing you here lol
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    Eastbourne, East Sussex
    Full time bunny mummy
    I am Nikki, I am 27, and I have a passion for Lop eared rabbits. I live with my partner Matt.

    Well how did it all start, as a child I always had pets from a young age: I had dogs, a tortoise, chickens, ducks, hamsters and regular visits to a friends pony & horse, and of course PINKY my 1st bunny she was a REW and lovely. Then we lost most of our pets and moved to a house and my dad built a small pond and this grew due to us getting into Koi, I was very intereseted in breeding Koi, and other fish. My dad would be able to make any fish that was sick better! Miracle Man! But then I moved out of my parents to a flat, and had no pets, just teddy bears!

    When I met my partner Matt we moved to a lovely house together and he got me Bunny our 1st pet she was so wonderful and playful I wanted more! I am hooked! And few weeks after getting bunny we got 2 lop cross bunnies, Sooty and Missy. But still this was not enough, and I wanted a fawn butterfly buck, so along came; Thumper and ye

    Showing my beautiful english and french lops
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