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Sep 22, 2013
Jun 26, 2009
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PetForums Member, from Lincoln

becbec31 was last seen:
Sep 22, 2013
    1. Aurelia
      Merry Christmas hun. Hope you have a better year in 2001 too xxxx
    2. becbec31
      Oh thanks jo, im not too bad considering just all been a bit of shock.

      Thanks again for thinking of me
    3. Aurelia
      Hi Bex, just dropping by to see how you are and offer you some big hugs ((((hugs)))). Jo xxxx
    4. becbec31
      Oh Lovely, ill hopefully see you there then. Ive just been doing some prep on the cats. Not sure how they will do but im looking forward to it. x
    5. Aurelia
      :D Looks like I might get to meet you tomorrow! I'm going to try my damnedest to get out of the door and up to Donny Dome to see all the action. Hopefully see you tomorrow xxxx
    6. Aurelia
      Aww my poor little Chaz! I'm sure she can handle a few extra though ;) I'm going to get Rilly's blood type done so we might possibly be able to have Bentley next year, but if not I'll be perfectly happy with Monty again, and he and Rilly produced lovely babies, two of which I will enjoy forever :D

      Congrats on the newest additions, sorry you had some bother with the delivery though. I'm still frightened stiff of hitting these kinds of problems myself! I'll look forward to the pics :D

      I'm sooo excited about the show this weekend, and I'm not even going! :lol: I'm excited to see how well little Chazzy does I guess. Good luck to both you and Em, hope you have a great day. xxx
    7. Aurelia
      Hiya :D So I was nosing around on Em's site last night and noticed that she has plans to let your blue boy have his wicked way with my little Chazzy :D I bet they will make beautiful babies ... awwww :D

      How's things? and are you getting excited about the shows coming up?
    8. Aurelia
      Awww, that's good to hear :D Yeah Cain is on there, no interest yet from there though! But I have two people who have shown interest, I'm just waiting for them to give me a firm answer, lol. So, you gonna come visit us some time? :D Jo xxx
    9. Aurelia
    10. Angelic1
      Lovely pic! Hope all goes well with your litter. :)
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    Breeder of British Shorthairs. I specialise in Bi colours and Tri colours and associated selfs in blue, cream, lilac, chocolate. Also occasionally Black and Red. New for 2012 is my colourpoint and colourpointed and whitw program. I also have a Lilac neuter boy called Alfie he is my inspiration to breed BSH.

    Cats!!! Photography (mainly of animals)
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