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Nov 11, 2015
Dec 10, 2009
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PetForums VIP, from Cornwall

Bearpaw was last seen:
Nov 11, 2015
    1. mollymo
      Hope all is well as not seen you posting for a while. Take care.
    2. rona
    3. sue&harvey
      Yep all back and fairly settled. He's a little bugger but lovely :D Toilet training is ongoing... good and bad days, but thats me not being on the ball. Hills and I were trying to work out half way between here and Truo, to see if we can meet. Had a little snow but had gone by the time I got the boys leads on :rolleyes:
    4. sue&harvey
      Hows you and the gang?
    5. goodvic2
      Thanks for the rep x
    6. sue&harvey
      Hiya how's Murphy setteling in? Have you seen the new piccys? :D So excited... but scared too. only 19 days till we fly :scared:
    7. sue&harvey
    8. mollymo
      I like to go on the moors most days with the girls...but got no chance this week looking at the weather lunchtime....get blown away up there and soaked.lol
      Take care dont get too fed up.
    9. mollymo
      Are you having this rain down there? it has not stopped for 4hours here....just managed to get the girls out before it arrived.....good job or smelly dogs for the rest of the day. lol
    10. katiefranke
    11. sue&harvey
      I'm going to go for the big bag now, and keep my fingers tightly crossed. Now just the cat to sort, eats the Orijen and is begging less, but will only eat with wet mixed in! It's even more impossible to get good wet here than it was to sort Harves :rolleyes: Going to settle with a little whiskers. Can't keep trailing the island!!! :) Hows your little one doing?
    12. sue&harvey
      thanks :) Tashi has done it. Still good with the food so fingers crossed. :)
    13. sue&harvey
      Hi ya, thanks It took about 4 hours to put together! Not sure how they get made a stick though ?? Any Ideas :)
    14. sue&harvey
      It's here :thumbup: we now have Orijen for the cat and the dog. Fingers crossed they will settle on it. Thanks again for all your help :)
    15. mollymo
      So pleased she is doing ok.....they soon grow away dont they.
      Mine are fine...fast asleep at the moment in the shade.We stayed near you last week a couple nights after all....but to late to come then as had no laptop with us.
      Stayed in gorran...it was lovely and dogs had lovely time.
    16. mollymo
      Hows that puppy doing....growing fast I bet....have not been on for a while so just catching up on pups progress.
    17. sue&harvey
      Hi ya. With all the hassle about food ect, I wrote down all the food I would use and took it to the pet shop to see is they can order it in. Put all the good ones down, including fish 4 dogs. Sat chatting to to some holiday makers, who were making a fuss of Harvey, and the guy is a fish 4 dogs rep! Really nice chap. He is going to post some treats out for Harvey. Strange!!! Hope all ok with you. x
    18. sue&harvey
    19. JimJamz
      Just saw your photo album. Your dogs are awesome. I may have to steel that pup lol. They all seem very content. Black Labs are the best colour. I had 2 called Poppy and Sadie growing up. They were mad hellars lol.
    20. JimJamz
      Helloooo. Great cornish weather today :). Just got back from the woods n saw a Shiba Inu pup. I now want one. Hows Isla settling in?
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    3 Dogs,2 cats,too many children!!!

    living and loving life!!
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