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Oct 9, 2012
Jun 21, 2009
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PetForums Senior, from Melksham, Wiltshire

bassetsandbeyond was last seen:
Oct 9, 2012
    1. KEhleyr
      We're going to an open show in December, not to show her but I asked the secretary could I bring the dog along and she said yes :D I can show her to some experienced bassety people and see what they think :D x
    2. KEhleyr
      OOOh shes coming along Okay thanks, still a bit iffy about having her teeth looked at and will not stand nicely in line but she is getting better. To be honest I think we could find a better ring craft but not having much luck :(, especially with Agnes as her competion hehe :)
    3. lambsey
      aww, what a gorgeous picture, it looks like a birthday card !!
    4. shetlandlover
      Alaska and Kai are CEA/PRA clear BUT I am getting them DNA CEA tested to see if they are carringing in their genetics....have to make sure I cover everything. Have to send blood off to the new york. :| xx
    5. shetlandlover
      Never herd of that kennel name but maybe because I am in Lancashire :)

      I still have a DNA CEA test to do on Alaska. Bet the pups have tired your nan out huh? xx
    6. curlycath
      hiya there, i'm new to pet forum. i own a 5 year old male basset hound called mikey. He's always been very mischievies, but the past couple of weeks he's become very unrulely and barks all day and night!! I was wondering if you had any tips or advice???
    7. bassetsandbeyond
      thank you......
    8. Acacia86
      I have to say i love your signiture picture!!! xx
    9. katiefranke
      thats ok no probs...just wanted to clarify, as I think one of the earlier posters may have mixed up acidity/PH (as one increases as the other one decreases)! And it is obviously pretty important to get them the right way round! :) I think you are def right wanting to get your dog off the prescription stuff - honestly, most are terrible foods and end up creating more problems than they solve! most of the 'better quality' pet foods have a nutrition line which you can call and discuss with them...but do just bear in mind that they will each tell you that their foods will help because XYZ! so you will need to pick through the info and decide which you think best... good luck!
    10. Lucysmom
      OOHH they are lovely Bassets. I knew of a recent litter of bassets the mum had passed away when they were only two days old. and in the same area a husky bitch had only one pup. the vets put them together and she was a great mum to the little darlings it was quite funny to see the pictures of husky and basset together yummy
    11. bassetsandbeyond
      same here...bassets are slowly popping up lol
    12. NutmegHR
      Nice to see more basset folks even though across the pond..
    13. bug
      woo hoo, more bassets! Its great to find more Basset owners on a forum site, good for sharing info


    14. jin
      Hi ya.

      Thanks for your message. I've never had a puppy or a basset hound before so it's all new to me. I will probably be needing lots of advice in the coming months so now I know who to ask ;-) And thanks for all your replies to my Q's on the forum. I'm sure there will be many more to come.

    15. bassetsandbeyond
      Scarlet is qualified for crufts woohoo
    16. bassetsandbeyond
      hi nice to meet another fellow basset lover
    17. dancing dogs
      dancing dogs
      Hi and welcome - my family are all bassett lovers!
    18. bassetsandbeyond
      oh i'll try and get us to the coltswold water park walk
    19. bassetsandbeyond
      We did one of the classes in the morning in post grad bitch with scarlet and got a 4th.

      i entered scarlet and shirley in a couple of classes... scarlet entered the sausage race and had a tied 4th. Shirley went in best walker and got a 2nd and fancy dress and came 5th....she was the hotdog with ketchup lol.

      i try to get to them walks but i'm always working the same day.....the SoE BHC and the SW BHC do lovely walks and i'm normally not working lol.
    20. houndies
      You have all youngins. They are the perfect breed :)
      We must have seen you at Bradfield. We get there a bit early to see our showing friends. Did you do any of the fun classes?
      Another great Basset day is Basset Hounds walking group Home Page and the next walk I think is around your way. Really fun and the turnouts are getting bigger everytime.
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    me and mum are Accredited Basset Hound Breeders. I can try and offer help and advice about this breed.

    dog showing


    Assured Breeders of the Basset Hound- ABS

    Scarlet, 6 year old Basset Hound

    Dinky, 2 year old Basset Hound

    Minnie, 1 year old Basset Hound

    Agnes,10 month old Basset Hound

    and Joey, the green cheeked conure
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