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May 19, 2011
Nov 10, 2009
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barnesy was last seen:
May 19, 2011
    1. sketch
      Merry christmas
    2. barnesy
      Hi there, thanks for asking. Unfortunatley Brendan couldn't make it so it is happening this weekend.

      I have seen that you are making great progress with Libby which is good to see.

      Sandy is still having her moments, but as always you work at them to try and get them resolved....

      I am taking her down to my parents in a couple of days for a mini holiday, it will be good for her as part of her problems are we don't see many people living where we do so she gets a bit groundhog day :-)

      Will let you know how we get on.

      thanks Again for Asking..

      take care

    3. sketch
      Im good thanks,
      Have you seen the behaviourist today, how did you get one hun
    4. barnesy
      Hiya, not bad, I took her out today as my husband took her yesterday and we had a good walk and she was very good on the lead almost at heel.

      We Haven't seen anyone for her to shout at as it were.

      We have Brendan our Dog Psychologist coming around on Sunday hopefully and he is going to show us how to deal with her in a busy place.

      He took her into Newbury every day when he had her and she was perfect, so I am hoping he will be abl eto look at what we are doing and help us correct it...

      So I will let you know how we get on...

      How are things your end?
    5. sketch
      Hey hun, hows the training going
    6. sketch
      yes just normal rescue remedy for humans, woofers cant overdose on it
    7. barnesy
      Thats interesting re teh rescue remedy - is there any specific one for dogs or just the usual one for Adults...

      will try that - I plan to sit in out garden today as it is by the main road to try and stop her from jumping out at cars... she has got very scared over the last couple of weeks... and we need to get her reused to the road..

      I feel it is 2 steps forward 10 steps back.. :-(

      However will keep going - as I don't want to give up and fail her as she had such a rotten start in life :-(
    8. sketch
      Hey, you might of hit the nail on the head there, if she is fine when the pro takes her out, maybe you are transferring feelings down the lead and she is trying to protect you.
      Try using rescue remedy spray on her tongue this may also work too.
      keep me posted sweetie
    9. sketch
      Thank you for the support, I also have two GSD's along with Libby my little BC
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