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Baileys Blind
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Sep 25, 2014
Jan 23, 2012
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Baileys Blind

PetForums Senior, from Doncaster

Baileys Blind was last seen:
Sep 25, 2014
    1. Rascalpooch
      Hi there - I noticed a while ago you were thinking of trying a behaviourist called Nick Jones. I'm thinking of contacting him about my issues with my dog. Just wondering if he was any good or not?

    2. northnsouth
      Yes you would think the Air force could organise a flight on time. This time has been much easier for us all I think.
    3. northnsouth
      On the count down to coming home now for the lads!
    4. Jenny1966
      :) Thanks for the rep, was certainly an experience!! lol
    5. Goblin
      Thanks for the rep and hope it helps.
    6. tattoogirl73
      will go check it now :)
    7. MoggyBaby
      Thank you very much for the rep although I'm not passing it on to the OH as he is impossible enough at the best of times. :lol:

      I hope you are fully over the shock of your ordeal. :)
    8. Freddie and frank
      Freddie and frank
      Hi,hope you dont mind but just been nosey and looked at baileys blogg.what a wonderful story.brought tears to my eyes.all the hard work you've done is amazing.what a gorgeous dog,well all three of them.
      I'll pass the site onto my sister cause she has a 7 year old black lab who is going blind.think she'll find it helpful.

      Nicki. X
    9. cheekyscrip
      your dogs look fantastic...
    10. catseyes
      aw im glad he found a home, hope it works out well, must have been difficult for you with your 3 and a newbie especially a blind one, you're very brave.
    11. catseyes
      Hi just being nosy and wondering how things are going with the doggy you helped from the vet, and your bailey is gorgeous!!
    12. vickieb
      Sent you some rep for helping that poor dog! iPhone wouldn't let me add why :-/ world could do with a few more people like you :-)
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    I am owned by 3 dogs:
    Kiara - GSD x BC
    Poppy - Basenji x
    Lily - Working Cocker Spaniel



    Thorns may hurt you, men desert you, sunlight turn to fog, but you're never friendless ever -
    If you have a DOG
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