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Aug 9, 2015
Aug 22, 2011
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Nottingham UK
Dementia Support Manager/Dementia Care Trainer Alz

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PetForums Senior, from Nottingham UK

babygirls was last seen:
Aug 9, 2015
    1. Kittenfostermummy
      Hey hun glad everything is ok if not very very busy!! I am ok ta, no more fosters at the moment thankfully Bugs is enough of a handful at the moment!! However the RSPCA have just had a mother cat give birth to 8 kittens!!!! I just hope I dont get a call saying she is struggling to feed them all and can I take a couple?!
      I will let your recipients know that their pressies will be in the post tomorrow and they should arrive this week. Thanx for letting me know xxxxx
    2. Kittenfostermummy
      Hey havent seen you around for a while hopeing everything is ok??
    3. walkingcarpets
      Thanks BG for your FR. Just to fill you in, am training to be a counsellor, fully fledged- niche is tied into my passion to see people 'whole' hence tending to emotional wellbeing of the physical heart, wherein both are connected in terms of holistic approach. In my own journey 'works in progress' have learnt taking the risk to be real and to be raw is important is one's own recovery- a process of rediscovery of 'who am I' in terms of true identity and sense of belonging.

      Be confident in what you carry, U nique no one else quite like you :)
    4. pheebus
      I've finished your banner and put it up on the thread! :D xx
    5. Kittenfostermummy
      Hey hun thought I would point you in the direction of the feline secret santa thats being set up on cat chat if you are interested in joining in!? xxxxxx
    6. dougal22
      Thanks for the rep :D
    7. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      LOL thanks i know I'm like when haven't said yet but should be soon as they have had some waiting, so apparently it will be soon hehehe. I will be getting some kittens first i think also i think cause i have 5 cats so not all cats would be able to come to me. The woman that came told me there will be one foster cat/kitten that i won't be able to give back lol but one more wouldn't hurt lol. But in general I'm keeping the mind of making them ready for their forever homes to i will be posting lots of pics hehehe.
    8. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      Passed my check yay!!!!!!!!
    9. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      i had my cat foster home check today and seems like all went well so very excited about fostering :D
      I know when i got dex done he was all hyper and happy to see me when i picked him up from the vet i was so shocked thought he would make me pay lol
      I think cats are so resilient or they know we do it for their own good lol

      The cats are now being crazy since the heating went on lol so i'm waiting for them to jump all over me and be little devils lol
    10. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      hey hows your babies doing?
    11. alisondalziel
      Thanks for the rep :)
    12. spid
      Thanks for the rep
    13. Lumboo
      Thanks for the rep - I really hope Tigger pulls through and we can offer her a loving home and affection for the rest of her life x
    14. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      i don't know what i do wrong but after accepting friendship request i seem to click on something or whatever and end up with a breakfriendship sign beside all my friends list, goodness knows how i do it but it happens all the time, so if you see a breakfriendship sign at my signature please ignore it as it's a mistake, sorry.
    15. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      thank you for the friends request. took a wee look at your pics, awwww theyr'e beautiful. have'nt had a cat in the family for ages. we had a white, blue eyed beauty, who was deaf, followed my mum everywhere, she was a great cat, lived a long time.
    16. buffie
      Thanks for the rep.Poor Tilly,what a horrible start to life
    17. MsMac
      Hello My name is Angela I've just joined and I saw your post about your two kittens weight and I was like OMG I have the same issue. But I’ve just started Raw feeding them last week so the weight should start pilling on, at present they are .91g and .89g when I got them they were around .068g and .61g. I would love to know what you did too get your fur babies weight up please. Oh my two are Bengals

      Thank you.
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    Nottingham UK
    Dementia Support Manager/Dementia Care Trainer Alz
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