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Baby British
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May 22, 2012
Jan 24, 2010
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Baby British

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Baby British was last seen:
May 22, 2012
    1. Emmibell
      Hi, Just came across your post and it seams our cats are related , i have a black boy his line are
      coomberpark bubblegum
      coomberpark nefetari

      Grand Parents
      Donjelami Munchmankin
      Purravida Bronwen

      G grandParents
      Hunmar Brunels Wagon
      Donjelami Amy
      Adhirsh Zanzibar Zebedee
      Admonsh Suki Silvershadow

      GG grandParents
      CH Hunmar The Greatwestern
      Westaways Miss Maypole
      Adentsh Fernando
      Idlevale Gemini
      Jazminite Sekond Dan
      Adouzsh Ultra Marine
      Advensh Mikay Madtop
      Adventsh Tinseljoy Annie
    2. critter
      Hi Baby British, sorry I haven't replied sooner (lot going on atm!), I think we would both be surprised if we knew who lived locally to us and regularly use the forum!!, wayne.
    3. David & Emily
      David & Emily
      Oh wow she is beautiful!! :thumbup:
    4. David & Emily
      David & Emily
      Haha thanks, I don't know what made me choose Roy - he just looked like a Roy!! Have you got any pics of Layla? I love that name too.They are lovely when they are babies aren't they.
    5. David & Emily
      David & Emily
      Sorry you will have to bear with me I am new to this!!
    6. David & Emily
      David & Emily
      Aww thank you! He is 4 months old next week, and I have called him Roy
      Do you have a British Blue?
    7. sue&harvey
      Thanks for the rep, glad you find them as good as we did :)
    8. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Thanks for the rep :D
    9. $hAzZa
      Yay! My first rep, thanks x
    10. RAINYBOW
      thanks for the rep :)
    11. Purrrrfect
    12. hobo99
      Hi, i have been looking on the net for a safe wood stain for my new hutch that we are making, and have got very confused , :confused: can you tell me what you have used please.
      Thanks Su.:)
    13. lillyjayne1989
      hey yes they are tame they like to come out and go in their ball lol to be honest im only going to end up giving them to the rspca or something so i would rather give them to someone who wanted them. when are you coming down this way?
    14. Dana
      Hes 10 months now. Im worried that Id get a kitten though and Harley wouldnt like him/her :(
    15. Dana
      Dont mention it!!!!! The person I got Harley from is having another litter... and Im sooooo tempted!! Sometimes Harley tries to escape when we open the front door and a couple of times hes suceeded and hid under my car for an hour or so. I feel a bit guilty about not letting him out, but we have a lot of moggies round here, plus foxes... and Harley has no car sense at all - and I doubt he could defend himself against another cat. He has scratching posts and cat trees and my kids play with him all the time and I cuddle him a zillion times a day whether he wants it or not lol..... but maybe if I just got him a little playmate......
    16. Dana
      Oh thats a shame. Im scared to death - Im sure Im going to forget something or do something wrong and end up looking like a complete numpty. Will see how this one goes and then decide if I/we want to do it again. Do you keep yours indoors?
    17. Dana
      oh yes - Harleys temperament is amazing. He has never ever got spiteful or retaliated in any way, even when the kids are playing with him. Hes so loveable and cuddly *sighs and wishes I could find a man like Harley* lol. The person I bought him from is having another litter... and its sooooooooooooo tempting!!
    18. Dana
      Thank you - I cant imagine how empty my life was now before he came to me!
    19. Baby British
      Baby British
      LOL Small world indeed! I live in Honeyborough on a fairly newly built street positioned inbetween the admiral benbow pub and the rose and willow (was the odd fellows) if you know either!
      Neyland terrace is the row of houses over looking the marina isn't it? We often go for walks along the cycle track that leads off from the marina.
    20. xxwelshcrazyxx
      And have a guess where I was BORN...........8 Neyland Terrace, in Neyland. In one of a terrace of 5 houses who have a view of all the way up the Cleddagu and all the way down to Milford Have, my grandfather was the main ticket collector on the ferryboat that used to passage people and vehicles accrosss the river to Pembroke Dock. He was offered the job of ticket salesman when the bridge first opened, but sadly died before it openene. I have family in Neyland they live in the caravan down the bottom of Neyland Terrace. aunty and uncle). SMALL WORLD eh>lolo
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