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Nov 1, 2019
Sep 2, 2012
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October 26
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Cornwall :)

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PetForums VIP, Female, from Cornwall :)

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Nov 1, 2019
    1. dagny0823
      Hey! Thanks for the message. How have you been? You're still in Uni, right? Do send a message when you have time. We'll catch up and all that! Happy holidays!!!!!!

    2. Jesthar
      Heya :) Good to see you around again! I'm pretty good, thank you, a bit tired as I was off at a cat show last weekend and there's a lot on at work, but still standing! The cats are both fine :)

      How are you and your brood?

      ~Jes :)
    3. tincan
      Thanks for the rep xx Shocking attitude from a small minded creature xx Shirk
    4. Phoolf
      Awww - thank you so much for the rep xx
    5. DT
      I am sorry if I got the wrong end of the stick last night, My friend told me that on petforum facebook that someone was agreeing with me but I couldn't see it!
      i am a muppet sometime, so if I did or said anything that was out of order to you then I can only apolygise.
    6. DT
      sending you a friend request! think we may be singing from the same hymn sheet afterall
    7. spid
      Just to let you know Ianthi is a girl - name is said eye-an-thi - not Ian!!!! lol!
    8. spid
      thank you for the rep!
    9. we love bsh's
      we love bsh's
      thankyou for the rep.sara,xxx
    10. colliemerles
      HaPpY BiRtHdAy
    11. MCWillow
      Happy Birthday xxx
    12. Louiseandfriends
      Heya! :D Please lemme know when the graphic is done. Louise xxx
    13. cheekyscrip
      just the thought..jealousy a bit, trying to copmpete with you for afffection..seeing who Oh will stand by?? the staying late..to keep you two from being together/ maybe his mum harbour some fanatsy of them all being a family/ and tthe obvious boundary testing..but it is your OH who has to tell him to respect your wishes as to animals and if not ..consequences for the boy..which cannot be empty threats (the usual..no pocket money, off tv time...)..bedtime..I agree 10 pm..10.30 weekend..he is abig lad...;) sorryto bother you again..! and excuse my poor English
    14. lolhall
      Can I just add my youngest is 2 and my 17 year old stepdaughter was there when she was born just telling you so you understand just how close you can get to stepkids. Me and OH could split up tomorow I will always be their stepmum and the thought of not having them in my life is almost as painful as not having my own kids.
    15. lolhall
      I'm sorry if I came across as agresive as others said it wasn't so much you as others. I have been in your position I am a step mum and of course we had hard times at first especialy with his daughter who was very jelous but please if you can stick with it there is nothing more rewarding than when a step child gives you a kiss and a cuddle and you know you have cracked it. Also my OH was 15 when his daughter was born and 16 when he had his son (to the same woman) he has never and would never considerd turning his back on his children. Circumstances of how children come along should never mater after all if your OH was the kind of man to turn his back on a child is he the kind of man who you want to be with. My step kids are 16 and 17 now and we have a fantastic relationship we are best friends things will improve if you just give him a bit of love I promise xx
    16. Rolacolacube
      I've just gone on a rescue site and saw the most gorgeous older cat needing a home but my OH was not impressed. He said no straight away. I will leave it a week then ask again lol xx
    17. Rolacolacube
      Awww thank you. We had a gorgeous tortie when I was growing up. She lived till she was 18 and was the most stunning cat ever. Since then, I've always wanted a tortie. I would love more when I have the money and space lol xx
    18. Rolacolacube
      Button is just beautiful. A gorgeous tortie xx
    19. ritansmudge
      Hello, is this a pm? :)
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    October 26
    Home Page:
    Cornwall :)



    Loki, Romeo, McStuffins, Manny (RIP), Button ​
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