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Nov 8, 2013
Aug 16, 2008
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aurora was last seen:
Nov 8, 2013
    1. aurora
      Hi yes they are 2 girls poppy is nearly 4 and half now and Meg was 2 this april, both spoilt rotten by everyone
    2. Insane
      Your borders are gorgeous, is it two girls you have?
    3. waggytailsstore
      Sorry not to see you this time, we won't be at Stafford or cheshire, but I think we are doing westmoorland so hopefully see you there. Devon was ok but far too hot for me!
    4. waggytailsstore
      Hi Are you going to Devon Show this week? We'll be there with the tradestand, think we're quite close to the showrings.
    5. aurora
      when they were both they were both black, all border terrier pups are when there born they slowly change colour then, when i collected Poppy at 7 weeks she was completely Red. Meg was blue and tan on collection at 8 weeks and by 5 months had changed colour and was red until she was just over a year old. they are both Grizzle and tan they have got a lot lighter as they are getting older coat changes colour frequently Poppy looks redder at the minute.
    6. leezil
      Hi Ann - your girls are lovely!!! were they as dark as Jessie when they were pups?
    7. Pug_D
      Hiya, my Daughters name is Aurora, just thought Id say hello :)
    8. aurora
      thank you they are great girls
    9. Patterdale_lover
      Your borders are beautiful. I really would like a border in the future some time :D
    10. Roo
      Your Borders are beautiful!!!!
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