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Apr 10, 2012
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    1. noushka05
      thanks very much for the rep :) x
    2. Chillicat
      Thank you for the rep :-)
    3. SandyR
      Sorry I got your thread closed :(
    4. Chiantina
      Hi Aurelie,

      Sadly, the Tonk who had just turned 20, was pts at the beginning of September so he is no longer with us but was a fab cat!! We had him aged 5 after a successful career as a stud cat! He was similar to the Burmese as he wanted to be with you and involved in what you were doing and was very affectionate! He did have the vocals of a Siamese tho!!!
      Personally, I am not as keen on the more modern Tonks as they have become more angular whereas he looked very much like a Burmese but taller, with a longer muzzle! Much as I adored him, I would have to pick Burmese if I was to choose! Although, I did meet a stunning apricot Tonk whilst stewarding recently at a show!
      Hope that helps, just shout if there is anything else you'd like to know!
    5. Quinzell
      Oh my....just saw Nancy...I always thought Claude was my favourite but she is really scrummy too!! How have I not noticed her before????
    6. Quinzell
      Thank you for the rep :)
    7. Lunabuma
      Its not just me then who is in the closet! :)
    8. Ingrid25
      Just saw your blobby you gave me, thanks so much:) How is little Nancy doing?
    9. MollyMilo
      Thank you for the rep :) I love and want Nancy!!
    10. Jenny1966
      I've posted some pictures with genuine timescales! It does work :)
    11. Jenny1966
      Thanks for the rep :) Honest you will be fine. If you are there all day, just let them both roam free. If Claude isn't happy, he will find somewhere quiet to hide. I've only got a 2 bed flat, but Molly still found somewhere to go :) It really is more upsetting for the slaves, I found it really hard that Molly wasnt that happy!
    12. Aurelie
      Just got a phone call from breeder - I can collect tomorrow! NOW I'm excited!!!
    13. LOLcats
      Fingers crossed for a phone call saying Friday! I am feeling vicarious excitement! It's my fix before I get my two :D did you decide on Clara? Or stick with Nancy? Both are lovely :)
    14. jess91
      I'm sorry, couldn't resist :D
    15. LOLcats
      Not long now! are you all giddy or nervous? or both? :D
    16. LOLcats
      Thanks for the rep my lovely!
    17. Petnickety
      Very lazy = Contented Top Cat with very cool character.

      Does he have the sun glasses?
    18. Petnickety
      What a gorgeous looking cat. What make is he ?
    19. ImbackAlly
      I just wanted to say, your cat is absolutely gorgeous!! I have never seen such a beautiful colored cat before! :D
    20. HeartofClass
      I just came here to tell you that your Claude is, without a doubt, the prettiest coloured cat I have ever seen. His coat is simply astonishing, wow. :)
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