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Apr 10, 2012
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    1. Jansheff
      I'm so sorry. Just when you are enjoying the happiness of a new kitten. I hope that Nancy and Bruno bring you some comfort.
    2. MollyMilo
      Aurelie, hope you are doing ok. Claude was such a popular cat on our forum,I feel like I knew him. I just feel a deep sadness for you and all your family. thinking of you. big hugs xxx
    3. Tao2
      So sad to read about Claude, Aurelie. It's not been a good week for us has it? At least I knew it was coming though. He was such a beautiful boy. Thinking of you, Tao Xxx.
    4. umber
      I am so sorry about Claude how awfuk for you xxx
    5. Cheryl89
      I'm so sorry darling - I really, really am. :( xxxxxxxxxx
    6. JordanRose
      Yippeeeeeee!!! I'm doing a Rabbit Care Day at the SAA tomorrow (I'm the senior adviser. No pressure. Yikes!) but will look forward to updates when I get home :D
    7. JordanRose
      Is Mr Bruno Sparkles coming home tomorrow?! :D
    8. MoggyBaby
      Thank you very much for my rep, you are too kind. I too would have called it trolling but it's difficult to make that accusation when the member has over a thousand posts.... :-(
    9. Cheryl89
      Welcomes hun xxx
    10. MollyMilo
      Thank you for the rep, im so excited to meet your Bruno xx
    11. Jenny1966
      Thank you for the rep :)
    12. PetloverJo
      Hi Hun thank you for the rep. x
    13. JordanRose
      Oooooh, just noticed your rep! Thank you, lovely! :)

      I'm very proud of Spooks and the progress that he's made :001_wub: And now I'm here, I'm going to have a good snoop through your albums! :D
    14. Jiskefet
      Thank you..
      I was rather late with this one, Molly's accident made me well up every time, my Spetter and Jiskefet (and Klaatu, though he wasn't mine anymore and lived on a farm when he died) were killed on the road.....

      But I have made quite a few by now. They are in my PF memorials album

      Unfortunately, we have had quite a lot cats being called to the bridge over the past year or so...
    15. Waterlily
      thanks xx..
    16. Iheartcats
      Thanks for the rep. Much appreciated!! x
    17. Jonescat
      Thanks for the rep - glad it made you laugh
    18. Toby Tyler
      Toby Tyler
      Thank you, much appreciated:) Unfortunately I think it was a waste of time and she's only going to continue the insidious cycle. :(
    19. tincan
      Thank you for the rep, i do appreciate it :)

      Will this ever stop ???? I doubt it always a market for a fool and an idiot ..

      Once again thanks ..... Shirl :)
    20. merlin12
      Thanks for the rep :)
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