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Apr 10, 2012
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    1. Jonescat
      Thanks for the rep :) PS love your avatar - DD is creating fantasy animals at school and I need to show her this.
    2. MollyMilo
      So glad Bruno is all better!! He is so gorgeous :001_wub:
      Millie is bouncing around with Milo at top speed around the house. It's 1:30am!
    3. MollyMilo
      It really made me laugh!! How is our little Man? xx
    4. lymorelynn
      It does help when you have something to focus on. I hope Nancy is okay and your family too xx
    5. lymorelynn
      Hope you are okay today xxx ((()))
    6. LyraBella
      Thank you for the message. It is such a shock as you so obviously know. Take care of you and yours. Hugs from McNulty and I xxx
    7. Jiskefet
      Thank you...
      I was so utterly shaken when I saw the title of your thread. It felt like reliving the loss of Spetter all over again. It just defies belief that such a splendid personality can suddenly be ripped out of your life.....

      He will be with you in spirit, guiding you from the bridge, but that is a very meagre consolation when you are used to having him around you in all his gorgeousness all the time....
      Cats are small animals, but losing them leaves huge holes in our heart...
    8. jill3
      I am so sorry to hear about Claude and just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts. I remember the pain so well when I lost Harley. You are probably feeling Angry right now, I know i did after a few days. Sending you some Big Hugs. Jill xx
    9. Hb-mini
      Thinking of you and your family at this hard time. Hope you are all ok. Huge hugs. Xxxx
    10. Lunabuma
      Hi Aurelie - I was so shocked this morning when I read your post and hope you are ok. I know Claude had an amazing life with you. I always remember you telling the story when he brought in a Starling in and blew Nancy's mind who had never seen live prey before. Sending you lots of thoughts and hugs. xxxx
    11. welshjet
      So sorry to read your post.

      There is a small verse which i always think of. Grief is the price we pay for love.

      Its so bloody true. Stay stong hun, thinking of you and yours xxxx
    12. ShelybellyandTeamC
      Hi, I just wanted to let you know I am very sorry for your loss. Claude was a beautiful boy.
      All our love Me, Sheldon and Quinny xxxxx
    13. Chillicat
      I am so sorry to hear about Claude. I remember when I first joined you responded to a newbie and make everyone feel welcome and the stories about Claude always brought a smile to my face. Thinking of you all xxx
    14. inkymoggy
      Stay strong xx
    15. inkymoggy
      So sorry to hear about Claude. I think here may be the best place to leave this for you x [IMG]
    16. ellsbells0123
      I am so sorry to hear about Claude :( thinking of you xXx
    17. sarahecp
      You're welcome :) xxx
    18. Treaclesmum
      I am so, so sorry Aurelie and cannot think of the right words. I guess there's no right words in these situations :( Such a gorgeous boy, so suddenly taken, and still so young :(
    19. sarahecp
      Hi Aurelie,
      Just to let you know that you are in my thoughts. I cannot believe this has happened to Claude :( we are all like one big PF family and like many others I felt like I knew Claude, he will be dearly missed.
      You take care of yourself and know that we are here for you.
      Sarah xxxx
    20. Jenny1966
      I'm so sorry :( Claude was so much part of us on the forum ((the biggest hugs)) Hope the kids are ok xx
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