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Apr 10, 2012
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    1. ouesi
      Thank you for the rep. Glad you got a laugh - I sure did :D
    2. laura1982
      Ok - I am officially in love with all your pets - where are you I am off to come pet nap them hahaha. Betsy is just adorable!
    3. laura1982
      Aww that's so lovely :-)

      I have but only when living with my parents and it's just so different when it is a family pet rather than your pet if that makes sense and I have never had a puppy before only rescue dogs. We have a dog for 2 weeks that we rescued as an adult but he went for the cats so I had to find another home for him - he had Misty by the back leg in a split second and he was meant to be very cat friendly. That's why we have gone for a puppy this time. The cats were very confident round him though so fingers crossed they will be ok with the new boy :) Will have a nose - ta!
    4. laura1982
      Thanks for the fab reply! Sounds like it all went well - will have to nose and see if I can find some threads of yours with pics.

      Will definitely being posting lots of pictures :-)

      Is Betsy your first dog?
    5. laura1982
      Hi - I hope you don't mind me asking (and hope I haven't already I keep asking people for advice) but I see you have dogs and cats - did you have the cats first? How did introductions go - any tips? Thanks :-) I get my golden pup in 10 days, I'm super nervous!!
    6. JordanRose
      No, thank you for making me laugh and presenting the truth in your usual light-hearted way. Keep it up! :D
    7. lostbear
      Merci beaucoup - we're having fun here, aren't we?
    8. cheekyscrip
      just noticed that you got that puppy! hope your felines are ok with it? bes twishes! looks adorable..
    9. Mirx3
      Thank you for the rep. :)
    10. springerpete
      Of course I don't mind, you're welcome any time. Thanks for the compliment, I think they're pretty good myself. Cheers. Pete.
    11. LOLcats
      I am so, so sorry to hear about Claude :-( I know how much you loved and adored him. Always remember how you gave him a life of love and decadent comfort and he was a very happy boy. Bruno is gorgeous!! You do have fabulous taste in cats x
    12. Aurelie
      It's good to hear from you - I think a canine element is a great addition. I'm glad you Margo and Tom are well - how could you not be with such great names! We got Bruno (chocolate point siamese) at the end of september but Claude was hit by a car and killed a few weeks after. He was terribly missed and I think I was long winded and boring about him for some time.

      Nancy took quite a while to come around - although it was only in retrospect that I could see how it affected her, but she is fine now and frankly demanding and all too aware of status, which I like :D

      I hope you are all well :)
    13. LOLcats
      Tom and Margo are fab:-) thinking of adding a canine family member next year, hence me winding my way back, though you are the one member that has ALWAYS stayed in my mind :-) I feel trepidation in asking but what has happened? Hope all ok.
    14. LOLcats
      Have I been away so long!! Siamese slave now? :O
      I can just imagine you are in your element :-)
    15. Cheryl89
      Hhaahahah exactly!!!! But with some of the things you wrote....I'm thinking actually you did leave A FEW clues I'm just too thick to realise :lol: xxxxxx
    16. Cheryl89
      Hahahaha!!! You left me no clues!! I had to suss it out from the post code :p We have the same door number you know! :p lol xxx
    17. Cheryl89
      I think I've worked out who my SS is ;) hehehehehehehhee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    18. MoggyBaby
      Thank you very much for the rep, you are too kind and it is appreciated. :) xx
    19. lostbear
      You're very welcome - and as you say, it doesn't really matter how ill-gotten your gains are - they're yours! LOL
    20. lostbear
      I've just repped you for the wrong thing! I meant to rep you for advising the use of a 'flirt stick', but gave you a rep for a cat shelf instead! Sorry. However, I did like your idea, and you still have your rep. What a nit I am!
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