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Mar 18, 2013
Aug 4, 2008
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West Yorkshire
Company Secretary

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PetForums VIP, from West Yorkshire

Aud's_Mum was last seen:
Mar 18, 2013
    1. househens
      Just read you deleted a rescue dog, Topka. So sorry to hear. Did it rehome? Still needing? Do you want me to list it? I'll take crap, if needed.
    2. lymorelynn
      Glad to hear that Audrey is doing well :thumbup:. We moved house in September 2009 and Gizmo decided that he didn't want to be here :( There are fields and a large woodland area behind the new house as well as a farm about a mile away. We think that's where he went - we have seen a black cat in the distance on the edge of the woods.
      Mai Tai is doing very well and has now had two litters of kittens :) and has grown up to be a gorgeous girl and a fantastic mum :)
      Look forward to seeing you around and hearing all about your rescue :thumbup: xxx
    3. lymorelynn
      Lovely to see you back :thumbup: You know people vanish for a while and you wonder if they're okay :) and then there you were again :) How are all your darlings?
    4. cupcake20
      I don't no because we are in a flat and live in London near a very busy road. We do have a large balcony though that I'm planning to secure so she can have a little wander out there when the weathers nice! I've only had her 4 weeks.
    5. cupcake20
      Hi, i'm new on here but just wanted to say your cats are gorgeous!!
    6. MADCAT
      Just wanted to wish you a very merry xmas, have a good one. xxxxxx
    7. MADCAT
      Hiya, hope you are well not seen you on for ages xxxx
    8. tillysdream
      Thank you for the rep! x It warmed my wee broken heart ;) Your cats are absolutely gorgeous! x x x
    9. MADCAT
      William is a little stunner :) Fredo as a sore paw he has managed to take a chunk out of his little pad, it seems like its healing i have bathed it just keeping an eye on it at the min xx
    10. MADCAT
    11. MADCAT
      Ooooh another lol cant wait see piccy xxx
    12. MADCAT
      Yay, hello put some pics of boris up and got a few of fredo as well will send u the link xxx
    13. MADCAT
      Hiya, not seen you around for a while, hope you are ok xxx
    14. WittyKitty
      Hi :) just wanted to pop by and give you my best. I hope you are coping ok with your sad news. x
    15. Pumpkin
      Hi, i am sorry to hear about your poor Audry! I hope that you can enjoy the rest of your time with her! I cant begin to imagine what its like for you! Lots of hugs being sent your way xxx
    16. Jen26
      Hi Matey, Iam really sorry to hear about Audrey, I was really hoping this one might have a good outcome. Sending you and Audrey lots of love and hugs Jen xx
    17. MADCAT
      Hiya, just popping in to say i hope everything went well for you and Aud yesterday xxx
    18. WittyKitty
      hehe ok :) well best of luck anyway :)
    19. WittyKitty
      Hi. I saw on the thread 'I have four indoor cats' that you mentioned you were getting another lil kitty. Another persian? When? Tell me everything basically :D
    20. MADCAT
      Glad to hear Aud is ok, hope Barney is better today poor boy, Toots is fine now she as got over her dodgy tum, i bet it is strange seeing her without her coat bless her. I remember my mil persian was shaved once and he just had fluffy boots, head and tail, he was a red persian xxx
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    West Yorkshire
    Company Secretary
    Gym, reading and the kitties of course x


    My little angels....Alfie, Bella, Barney, William, Baxter and Audrey

    Sleep tight Barney
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