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Dec 27, 2012
Jan 30, 2009
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Dec 27, 2012
    1. Devil-Dogz
      Thanks for the rep :) Its just one of those things ay! :(
    2. JohnMorris
      thanks for my rep, very kind of you
    3. carebear
      hello hunny how are you. ? sorry i had to cut you short last night but i was quite smelly, defenatly needed a shower before i went anywhere. lol.
    4. Allana
    5. hannahg
      Hope you all ok x :D
    6. My lil Babies
      My lil Babies
      Thank you for the rep
    7. carebear
      how is everyone
    8. carebear
      hello you are green lol
    9. pika
      Haha with her its become, one thing right, one thing wrong :lol:, we are always working on something. Now she has got better at recall and with other dogs she's become iffy with people again. I reckon she'll come on heat soon or either she is going through a teenage stage, but its all getting better slowly.

      We must do another meet up, I'm sure Skye is dying for more klee kai play. Nope unfortunately Sugar's owner has gone away on holiday for 2 weeks so we had to postpone our meet up!

      Oh and new pics up!
    10. archiebaby
      ah, really sorry, had a manic few days, but all day off tomorrow! i did manage to watch one of them before i had to go out though, absolutely beautiful x i think i commented on it lol but knowing me probably pressed the wrong thingy lol
    11. Allana
      Yeah he is HUGE, nicola said before she was sure there was mally in him! lol x
    12. Allana
      I had him out today and done some more training and he was loads better!! Was lying down everytime I stopped and was starting to heel on the way back. He's getting there. He's a good boy really x
    13. Allana
      Eh not so good! Lol. He's too interested in what everyone else is doing, nosy wee bugger! lol I wrote on my thread about his classes & what happened :rolleyes:

      I had him out yesterday up the forest and practiced some more what we got taught on the night, he's getting there. He doesnt get the whole heel when walking but he is good at lying/sitting down when we stop, which is a BIG improvement :thumbup:

      I was walking along going : NO, little pull back on the lead, GOOD HEEL, NO, little pull back on the lead, GOOD HEEL and repeat a million times! :D

      Folk must have thought i was off my head :lol: x
    14. hannahg
      Ah I've just seen the new pics! Ebo looks exactly like his dad! How adorable!
    15. hannahg
      Hi hun, there is a dog event at Earl's Court exhibition centre this weekend, are you going? It was great there were dogs everywhere when I got up this morning! How is Lyla and the gang?x
    16. Allana
      Och i know he's a wee cutie! I think he was 10 inches the last time we measured a few days ago. And thats them nearly 4 months now! xx
    17. boojade
      Hi, how are you all, Zoe's leg is alot better and is back swimming but cant dance yet so going to miss the Christmas show. Shasta's coat is getting really fluffy and is so soft you just want to fuss him all the time - which he loves. He is becoming quite a character and loves to play with all his toys. He is still doing really well at training and seems to be putting some weight back on but will get him checked next week - when he saw the vet in October he said he was on the lean side but because he had lots of energy not to worry. His coat is shiny again.
    18. crazybones
      Landywood Pet Foods : Home
    19. ziva
      changed the date to 2nd jan!!!!she is definately going in then. ziva is terrified of fireworks so we thought this was a bad time of year for her and we also had a huge fireworks party planned. We are not looking forward to it!!!! she will be fine tho!
    20. pika
      Hey hun, its going really well with Skye now. She's getting better with people again, now it's just teaching her a little more recall! We had a big lab staying with us last week so she's learnt a lot from him (good and bad :lol: ). How are your lot doing? I'd love to meet up again!
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    My Alaskan Klee Kai's and spending time with my daughter


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