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Apr 9, 2010
Mar 24, 2010
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ApolloinTenerife was last seen:
Apr 9, 2010
    1. ApolloinTenerife
      OUCH!!!!! Thats gotta hurt the wallet!!
      Still no interest on these 2. We want to be able to foster more but these 2 really have to go to homes first, its just too expensive otherwise.
      Bless him, having the nuts off op :) Sure all will go well, best thing to do. Both of our males have been done, cant imagine the pain they would be if they hadnt been, ha ha!!
      Speak soon and take care: :)
    2. sue&harvey
      Hi thanks for that, we have gone for royal canine 60 euros a bag eek. Sorry Anahi were not able to help, It is bad all over the islands. Sorry I didn't reply to this earlier but I think you posted on your on messages :-). Things are good here, Have you had any interest in the two you are trying to home yet?
      Hopefully you will soon, just so very sad. Harvey going to be castrated on Tuesday bless him, but at least I know he wont be contributing to the ever growiing problem.
      Hope your ok, Keep intouch and let me know how you get on.
    3. ApolloinTenerife
      Hi there
      Sorry, I havent been online much recently.
      Sorry also, when I wrote the name of the dog food I didnt have it in front of me... the dog food brand is "Natural Food". As I say, purple bag with a lab sort of dog on the front. It is vet controlled and made to ISO standards. Its really very good and 20 kg for 10.95 is fantastic.

      I contacted Anahi but sadly they are not able to help as they themselves have so many looking for homes, but thanks anyway, its all worth pursuing.

      Hows things your end anyway? :)
    4. sue&harvey
      Hi thanks for that I will have a look around for it. Do you have the manufacturer name so I can see if I can look up the ingredients as Harvey needs a lower protein level. Did you manage to look up Anahi?
      Hope all ok with you :-)
    5. sue&harvey
      Hi ya hopw are your two rescues doing? I wonder if you can help me with a Dog food problem. What do you feed your dogs? I have been asking around on here as friskies, and brekkies and many of the other brands that are in the supermarket here are not very good. Just wondered if you have found a good one that isn't stupidly over priced. Although I paid 14 euros for a 3 kg bag of food the other day!!!
      Hope all works out for the 2 rescues soon
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