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Sep 26, 2009
Feb 16, 2009
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Sep 26, 2009
    1. MADCAT
      Hi i am fine thanks. How are you? Are you enjoying the forum? xxx
    2. MADCAT
      I was like that at first, there are alot of nice people on here xx
    3. MADCAT
      Good thanks are you enjoying the forum? xx
    4. Apollo
      Good and you?
    5. MADCAT
      Hello, how are you today? xxx
    6. Apollo
      He is better, no sneezing. I think it was the smoke but I can remedy that.

      Do you have snow? We have lots of snow and today I went snow shoeing. It was fantastic. If you haven't gone, I recommend for you to do so.
    7. Izzie999

      Omg we are from Eastham on the Wirral, what a small world! You are well travelled then aren't you? Im quite homesick at the moment but love it here. Its just gorgeous, I love the lake and the Alps and I can't wait for summer to go swimming again.

      Mozart is stunning! how is the sneezing going?
    8. Izzie999
      hi, tried to reply your pm but it said your inbox was full lol. We are from the UK orginally, by Chester, my hubby has been here for two years so we decided to all move.
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    I am no longer going to be a member of this forum. Whilst there have been several people who have been kind and supportive. What happened did really upset me (although I didn't do anything drastic), so much so that my parents wished that I should no longer be on here as they understand what I am like. To those who were kind and supportive, I thank you. You know who you are and I am sorry but I think it's for the best.


    My cat and history.
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