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Sep 30, 2020
Aug 17, 2011
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Sep 30, 2020
    1. Cookieandme
      Thank you for me rep only just spotted it :)
    2. Aurelia
      OK, let me see ... Choice chunks come in bags (units) weighing 454g (52p each), a 'pack' contains 5 bags (£2.40 for 5 bags), a box contains 20 bags( £9.40 for 20 bags). The unit,pack and boxes prices come down the more you order.

      The old pricing page was easier to understand, that one you see now is new this week I think. But once used to it I'm sure it will get easier :lol: I've struggled with it for the order we picked up today, so know how you feel!
    3. Aurelia
      Raw Products & Prices that's the price list for my supplier :) The prices have gone up slightly since that post I made what you linked to though.
    4. Paddypaws
      Oh good, I am glad to have been of some help! I know we sometimes get posters complaining on here that we are 'food snobs' or similar....and while I dont believe that is the case, I really do believe it is possible to give a cat a happy healthy life with very little outlay. These days I do pay insurance and feed mostly wet food...but then I earn a lot more than I did 15 years ago and go out less!!! You must be prepared for expensive incidents if they do occur, and I am happy to forgo a weekend away for example so I have a little extra put by....but week by week it should not be a burden and they bring SO much joy!
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