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Dec 14, 2011
Aug 25, 2010
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PetForums Member, from Brighton

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Dec 14, 2011
    1. Gem16
      Hello hun, everything ok? haven't seen you on here in a long time! x
    2. hobbs2004
      Haha, I guess you could try snorting it! :arf:
    3. hobbs2004
      They have arrived? Just sprinkle a little of the beef fat on to see whether that will make her eat the food. Might work, might not.
    4. hobbs2004
      Hiya Miss A. I popped the powders in the post to you today. Sent you a few grams of the beef fat powder, a few gs of the bonemeal and enough bonemeal/eggshell mix to last you for 2kgs. I just had a look and i have 2 big tubs of both so am willing to share....

      Hope you are well and feeling more chirpy!
    5. Gem16
      Love your new profile picture! :)
    6. MissBethM
      Oh and Tilly is a little less nervous of the cat tree.... even found her in the little box yesterday!! Pixie loves it, she sleeps in the hammock now :) are your two using it? I've tied four of their little toys to various parts of it to make it more alluring x
    7. MissBethM
      Glad your starting to feel better :) I need to start and improve my diet too.... I live off takeaways and convenience food, not good! I hurt my back yesterday moving furniture so having a day off work.... in bed with Tilly & Pix now.... Pixie is mesmorised by the TV programme I am watching on Leopards on Nat Geo.... think she wishes she was in Africa!
      How are Belle & Ella? X
    8. MissBethM
      Sorry to hear about your Grandma Anna :( How are you feeling now? I hope you are getting better. love beth, tilly & pixie x
    9. springfieldbean
      Yay - I'm glad they like it now! Our flat does sound similar to yours - we're the basement, but like you the room at the front is our bedroom, and the smaller is our lounge, so we are pushed for space. The Ares does look good, and it's the height that I reckon would most please Kinvara, she does love climbing, or just being carried round the flat, seeing everything from a higher angle! I'll work on the bf...
      Is your tree still a bit wobbly?
    10. springfieldbean
      How's the tree going on now? I want to get Kinvara one for Christmas, but bf reckons enough of our flat is used up by beds, toys and scratch posts already... He is also dubious about how much she'll actually use a tree. Are yours taking more of an interest in your Bora Bora now?
    11. hobbs2004
      I use about 2 capsules per week. A delicate eater, eh? Too posh to chew in other words lol!
    12. hobbs2004
      Hiya! Aren't these US? They look alright. Sure you can get some from H&B that are slightly more potent in terms of EPA and DHA but that don't contain any soya. But I could be wrong. lol

      How are you doing otherwise?
    13. BSH
      No problem. Thanks for letting me know :)
    14. springfieldbean
      Hope you're feeling better now. I've had a cold since last week too - lots going round at the mo. Glad Ella's better now! That's a nice and short teething period, phew!
    15. springfieldbean
      Poor thing, about how long does the teething normally go on for, do you know?
      Kinvara's fine! I popped back for lunch to check on her and she was showing no signs of sleepiness at all - she really is a tough cookie! I'll ask them to give her a higher dose next time!!
    16. springfieldbean
      Yes! There's def some Cheetara in her!

      How'd the chicken drumstick go down?
    17. springfieldbean
      Yes - we went there last year, and the name just occurred to us as something that sounds feminine but also tough, like a warrior princess!
    18. springfieldbean
      Oh no, I hope Ella starts eating again soon, and it is just a teething thing. Honestly, I'm sure kittens are as much a worry as children! Until reading this forum I had no idea that kittens had teething problems!

      I'm not SO worried about this injection, as Kin was so good with the last one. Also, last time we had to carry her to the vets on Preston Drove, which is quite a walk with a stressed kitten in a box! But we're borrowing a car today, so it should be much easier!

      The vet said last time that if we were lucky Kinvara might be a bit sleepy after the shot, but actually she was pretty much as mad as usual, so I'm not holding out much hope of sleepiness this time ;)

      Do let me know how Ella goes. I've seen Hobbs advise others on here to try their cat with tuna if they're not eating - maybe that could work with Ella?
    19. springfieldbean
      Yeah, I am! Just a few doors down from the Open House! How odd that we're both in the same road!! We've got a v small garden at the back which I don't think will hold Kinvara for long, but luckily it is surrounded by other gardens, so I don't think she'll get be able to get out on to the road at the front of the houses. I'm worried about the railway line though, she could probably make her way onto it if she explores very far. I haven't heard of any cats being killed on the track though, so maybe they can hear the trains from far enough off and avoid them. It is such a worry.

      Good to hear that the spaying went smoothly! When Kin had her first injection (second due today - eek) I was shaking but she was totally fine!

      I like the idea of feeding sort of complementary raw food for a while to see how that goes. I've read Hobbs' thread, there's so much great info on here, I don't know what I'd do without it now!
    20. springfieldbean
      I'm really near London Road station too! So yours are now 6 months old, aw. Kinvara's growing way too fast for me already! Do Ella and Belle go out? I'm so worried about letting Kinvara out when she's been spayed, but I can't keep her in, our flat's just too small! She's already desperate to get outside whenever we open the doors!

      I will check out the butchers shops then (or get my OH to - being a vegetarian myself I have to get over my squeamishness first!). We'll try what you've recommended - wings, heart and kidney. Kinvara gets Smilla and Bozita, so yeah, at least that's good quality!
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    Recent "Mummy" to two beautiful tabby kittens (I tried not to call myself their Mummy and failed miserably!).
    Living in Brighton and trying to make it as a writer and enjoying life with my boyfriend of 5 years and our kitties Belle and Ella.

    Cats and kittens! Reading, gardening, decorating, pilates, hanging out with my partner who is also my best friend, singing, talking researching pet nutrition and keeping in touch with what is happening in the world. Hoping that one day the world will be a fairer place.
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