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Jun 21, 2013
Feb 11, 2013
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Jun 21, 2013
    1. samuelsmiles
      Hello Annabel, I'm really disappointed, but I sent £5 to you for a dog tag for Percy and he didn't receive a tag?
    2. MyMillie
      Oooo dear I've done it again!....I'm so sorry if it looks like I'm ignoring, I'm truly not, its just that I forget to look on my page....I really must make a note to self "check on visitor page".... Annabelschnauzer, I would have loved to have joined the annual Schnauzer walk, but I'm recovering from slipped disc and having to be careful....hope to go to next years though :)
    3. Reverie
      Hi, unfortunately I won't be as we're in Scotland and we can't afford to go away at the moment. :(
    4. LittleSherlock
      Hi - no I can't make that one, its a bit far away and Sherlock is still a bit little to be going on big weekends away just yet - I'lll def try to get to next years one once he's a bit older and has some camping experience - he's coming camping with us in June! Are you excited about puppy coming home soon?
    5. LittleSherlock
      I just ask because I know Sherlock originally came from a Puppy Farm. The guy had bred dogs for years, but lots of dogs, and not in a nice way. I'm extra wary with him to make sure I catch anything that might be wrong. If your breeder is legitimate, she should be able to provide all proof of health checks of both the parents, you should be able to see both the parents, the pups should really be KC registered and you should have to sign a contract when you pick him up and register a change of ownership with the KC reg. Sherlock's first owners were a bit naive and accepted a photocopy of his 'parents 5 generation pedigree' as proof of his lineage. But he's not registered himself so I can't be confident he comes from healthy lines. So if you don't get any of this from the breeder and still go ahead with bringing home the puppy just don't trust that the worming and flea treatment has been done, bring him to the vet as soon as possible to at least make sure he's in good shape.
    6. LittleSherlock
      I would have the vet worm and flea treat him again as soon as you get him - just in case. I did with Sherlock and the vet agreed it was a good idea. Just out of curiousity how did you find the breeder?
    7. LittleSherlock
      The breeder isn't going to have him vaccinated at all? What about worming and fleas?
    8. LittleSherlock
      Ah I posted a long response to the age thing and it didn't post.

      We got Sherlock at 10 weeks but we are his second owner. The family we got him from had him for just over 2 weeks so he would have been about 7.5weeks when he left his litter. The only thing I've noticed is he's quite nippy and he gets a bit anxious when I leave him alone, but I think he's getting better at both of them.

      Just make sure when you go to pick him up that he seems happy, alert and friendly like you expect to see from a puppy. Also will he have been vaccinated? My vet woudln't second vaccinate until 12 weeks, but bring him to the vet as soon as possible after you bring him home to get him checked out
    9. LittleSherlock
      By type I meant colouring - Sherlock is a Pepper & Salt.
    10. LittleSherlock
      I got him at 10 weeks but I'm his second owner. The family I got him from got him from the breeder at just under 8 weeks. My only worry with 7 weeks is the nipping - Sherlock nips a lot and I worry its because he wasn't with his litter mates long enough, but he's getting better with a bit of training. I think if you go and see him and he seems happy and healthy and is fully weaned onto puppy food he should be ok to bring home.
      Will he have had his first vaccination already when you pick him up? Sherlock had his at 8 weeks, but my vet wouldn't do second jab til 12 weeks so we are only able to bring him out for walks and stuff now, so just be prepared for hyper puppy and long claws by 12 weeks!
    11. LittleSherlock
      Ah Thanks! That pic took a good long session of sit and stay! The first week all I had were blurred pics of him running around like a hurricane! He is proper cute though - makes it hard to not spoil him!!!!
      What type of Mini is your puppy?
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