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Jun 30, 2016
Feb 2, 2011
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November 26
Liverpool England

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PetForums VIP, from Liverpool England

Angie2011 was last seen:
Jun 30, 2016
    1. Mum2Heidi
      Hello again. Soo good your are popping back. Got a lil pic as a constant reminder lol. We're doing ok. It's took a while but I'm feeling more the old (single) me lol. How's life treating you. Xx
    2. Mum2Heidi
      Hello you. How are you? Think of you often. Have missed you lots.
      1. Angie2011
        Aww! bless you! :) i'm still only popping on now n then, i'm not too bad hun thank you! how are you n little Heidi doing? I hope you have healed a little hun xxx
        Jun 30, 2016
    3. Flamingoes
      Ello my lovely lady; I changed my mobile number - I've got sooo much to tell you though and I miss chatting to you and your mum.

      It's 07468 592680 now

      Love to you all xxxx
    4. Mum2Heidi
      Sorry to hear things aren't so good for you - if you ever want to offload, I'm here.
      Got to keep going, same crap different day :-). I'm ok - having a bit of counselling to see if that helps. Heidi is great. Such a tonic.
      You take care as well. I think of you lots too xxxxxx
      1. Angie2011
        Hi hunni, how are you doing? it's been a looonnngg time! Hope you're heart is healing a little. Don't know when i'll be next on hear :/ xxx
        Jun 13, 2016
    5. Mum2Heidi
      Thanks Angie missed you being around lately. Hope Mum is ok. Enjoy your quality time with Oz (- happy birthday for Sunday lovely lad x); Heidi is good glad the heat and pollen has gone so she can stop itching, bless her. Hope I can get on top of it next year for her.Take good care of you Mum and Oz xxxxx
    6. Mum2Heidi
      Thank you, I'm always thinking of you too. How are things that end? Dont see you much here these days. I'm getting used to this way of life. Cant say I like it but not a lot of choice :-)
    7. Mum2Heidi
      Thank you xx Hugs gratefully received xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    8. Mum2Heidi
      Thank you Angie x It's v hard but the support of all my family and friends helps xx
    9. Mum2Heidi
      Thanks Angie - Sadly my beloved Gra found peace at 9pm last evening. Suffering no more :-( xxxxx
    10. Mum2Heidi
      Thanks Angie - Not so good. He's back in hospital with fluid on his lung and an infection. Rushed in early Monday morning.
      Hugs to you - hope things are a bit brighter your end xxxxxxxxxxx
    11. Mum2Heidi
      I would be waving one right back at ya lol xxxxxx
    12. Mum2Heidi
      Thank you - just when I need them :-)
      There's a load on their way back to you xxxxxxxxxxxx
    13. Mum2Heidi
      Thank you. xx
      Not so good atm. Prognosis is poor but we are still fighting. He's battling pneumonia and on oxygen most of the time but improving slowly.

      How about you xxxxxxx
    14. katie200
      Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo Angie :) :) :) Hows you all?
    15. Mum2Heidi
      Yes, we do - but we are allowed a few wobbles along the way :-)
      Hope things pick up for you v soon and all the test are good - stay positive xxxxxxxxxx
    16. Mum2Heidi
      I'm really sorry to hear all of that!! No wonder you are feeling down. It's been one thing on top of another for you. Thank goodness the microchip came good at the last minute for Casper. Tough enough without that as well. Makes you wonder how these people would feel if it was them in the situation. One of my favourite sayings is "walk a mile in the other man's shoes" I even remind myself occasionally.:-)
      Hope the tests for your nephew and Mum are ok and a few meds will put things right. Try and keep your chin up and stay positive xxxxxxxxxxxx
    17. Mum2Heidi
      I'd like to listen to your "crap" if it will help you to off load. :-)
      sounds like you've got enough on your plate without worrying about addresses :-)
      Big Hugs - and take care xxxxxxxxxx
    18. Mum2Heidi
      thank you Angie - still plodding on here - hows things with you? xxxxx
    19. katie200
      Helloooooo how are you and all? :)
    20. Mum2Heidi
      That took a while for me to work out lol. I'm thinking "I dont have a PM address, or do I?"lol
      Do you mean my house address? otherwise I've no idea lol. xxxxxxx
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  • About

    November 26
    Liverpool England
    I live at home looking after my elderly Mum, house etc: and take care of our two beautiful Shih Tzu's.

    I love animals ( obviously ) lol ;) i like to bake and i draw my friend's dogs and other people's dogs and give the proceeds to my local animal charity.


    Oscar: Shih Tzu
    RIP Shane: GSD
    RIP Saxson: GSD
    RIP Blaze:GSD
    RIP Mr Benjamin: My beautiful little man, forever in my heart XX
    RIP Casper: our snobby puss. XX
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