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Jan 4, 2014
Jun 19, 2009
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PetForums Member, from Dorset

Angelic1 was last seen:
Jan 4, 2014
    1. David & Emily
      David & Emily
      Thank you! Love yours too! Girl or Boy?? And how old? Stunning X
    2. Angelic1
      Thank you! :D
    3. kitkat1235
      aww your pic is lovely sorry you dont even know me but i had to say something :D
    4. HollyM
      So gorgeous!!
    5. BALOO J.
      BALOO J.
      Hi sweetie couldn't go without saying goodbye to you, & having one more peek at your beauties... I have thought long & hard.. but made the decision to ask for my account to be closed, so wishing you everything you wish for yourself.
      hug's Julie & Baloo x
    6. BALOO J.
      BALOO J.
      ;)Hi just popped in to say how are you doing, but mainly to get my jellytotts fix, more photo's please.:D
    7. RockySapphire
      Thanks!! We got our cat tree online it is the Trixie Montilla Scratching Post from pet-supermarket. It was expensive but worth it cos they love it and use it all the time from playing on it to sleeping in it. :)
    8. RockySapphire
      Hi just had a look through your photo albums. great pics of Dolly and Jelly. They are so cute. Also your daughters wedding pics look lovely!
    9. Angelic1
      That's great...glad you had a lovely time! Sorry for late reply...have not been online lately. I have a few pics of Dolly and Poppy (aka Jelly) together...I'll post them in a little while. :-)
    10. BALOO J.
      BALOO J.
      Ps 20yrs wed, plus 7 living over the brush.
    11. BALOO J.
      BALOO J.
      Hi had a fantastic evening thankyou, my daughter say's thankyou for her b/day wishes.
    12. BALOO J.
      BALOO J.
      Jelly tot's photo's are fab. do you have any of Dolly & jelly ?
    13. BALOO J.
      BALOO J.
      hi, we had a fantastic night thankyou, been married 20yrs, lived over the brush for 7, My daughter say's thankyou for her b/day wishes.
    14. kittykat
      Sounds like you had fun! I don't think I've ever been to a fancy dress or remember the last time I got tipsy! lol :) Hope you've having a good weekend, I've been shopping today but plan on having a relaxing day now! Even got the OH cooking dinner ;) xx
    15. kittykat
      Well sounds like you had a good trip! I bet the fancy dress was fun! What character did you go as? :p I bet it was nice to get home though and see the babies (kitties!) lol xx
    16. BALOO J.
      BALOO J.
      Hi, going out on Sat our anniversary/daughters b/day. We take a crowd of us fo a plush meal every year. Got a new dress, leg wax & french polish 2 morrow great having a daughter beauty therapist. Glad you are ok sweetie.
    17. kittykat

      Hiya hope you had a nice break! :)
    18. kittykat
      Yeah will do! Take care :) x
    19. kittykat
      lol You'd be surprised how often I do that too!

      Well I hope you have a nice few days away even though you will miss the kitties! xx
    20. kittykat

      p.s You replied to me on your page not mine! LOL
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    Gardening, reading, walking, socialising with family and friends and my pet cat.
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