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Oct 19, 2013
Nov 3, 2007
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Anele Jessica

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Oct 19, 2013
    1. gooner1
      Just put a post on and someone told me you had been banned is that right?? If so what have you done you naughty girl :-)
    2. Jhoop
      Just wanted to say I love your profile picture!
    3. Katie&Cody
      unfortunetly not as he isn't due until the 29th Dec. His mum is the pic in my aviator tho. She's called Margo
    4. Katie&Cody
      I'm new to the forum and just thought i'd introduce myself... I'm Kate from Devon and am just about to get a daxy puppy! Am going to call him Riley...
      Nice to see lots of Animal lovers out there... what pets do you have?
    5. Fade to Grey
      Fade to Grey
      He's doing well, carol has most of the pics for him :D
    6. Kay73
      Its a pic Summer did on the computer, lol
      I thought she did a good job!
      I could change it to a mermaid one??
    7. Kay73
      Hiya , how ya doin?
    8. colliemerles
      yes, wish the old members could come back for that,
    9. colliemerles
      yes that is very true,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    10. colliemerles
      it was very good fun, allways giggling, with lots of funny posts,
    11. colliemerles
      nothing, alot of members dont come on no more sadly,there are many new members but it isnt how it used to be,vixie is ill, she has a sickness bug, she txt me last night and said she is poorly,
    12. Anele Jessica
      Anele Jessica
      Thanks...why that!? - whats been happening?!
    13. colliemerles
      nice to see you here again,, there are not many of the old members on here now sadly,
    14. rottiesloveragdolls
      lol busy as usual with me cats/kittens, and trying to keep this place in check lol :D
    15. rottiesloveragdolls
      Hello stranger hope your well ;)
    16. Vixie
      glad your back, Little vixie isn't so little any more lol she's bigger than my other cats now and she's only 7 months old :) I have bought a new memory card for my camera now so I'm taking loads of pictures, I will email you a few soon.
    17. Ladywiccana
      Glad you is back weve all missed you!
    18. cav
      where have you been? xxx
    19. Anele Jessica
      Anele Jessica
      Hi - I#ve been very busy and meanwhile forgotten all log-in details; just now managed to get IN here! How are you? How's lil Vixie doing?
    20. Vixie
      hello how are you? :) I haven't been on for a while so have missed everyone. Thanks for the rep :)
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    "Do not meddle in the affairs of cats, for they are subtle and will pee on your computer." --Bruce Graham
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