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Feb 27, 2019
Nov 21, 2010
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Kingston upon Hull

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PetForums Senior, from Kingston upon Hull

Andromeda was last seen:
Feb 27, 2019
    1. Jemimma
      Hi Andromeda, thankyou for your message - please send me an email to jem44@live.co.uk using 'Andromeda' as your subject and I will get back to you soon...best wishes for now...Jem
    2. cheekyscrip
      hi...jak sie macie ?
    3. cheekyscrip
      hi...busy here...sunny...but summer is nearly gone...hot chesnuts are nice though...and all is well..sort of...xxx anfd hugs for you and yours...
    4. cheekyscrip
      hi...hello..how is Hull and how you all are keeping this autumn?
    5. cheekyscrip
      hi...kids stillin school , but half days only..weather is killing...very hot and i do not do heat very well...Scrip send his love too...I would not mind a spot of rain...;)...x
    6. cheekyscrip
      hi...how is everyone?
    7. cheekyscrip
      very busy here ..the end of school year!!!! and a bit cloudy ..which ids perfect as i do not like the heat...hugs for you all and have lovely day...
    8. cheekyscrip
      just to say hi..how are you and the pooches?
    9. springerpete
      Hello, saw you'd paid me a visit, just thought I'd say hello. Pete
    10. Dani2012
      Hello, I am so useless; don't actually know how to pm yet! x) New to the site and all. If you could pm me first so I could reply somehow that would be brill. :) Thank you! x
    11. cheekyscrip
      hi...just looked at your profile..and wish to know more about what you do...
    12. houndwalk
      Thanks for the Like :)
    13. unicorn
      Thank you for putting a like on my post
      I really appreciate that
    14. newfiesmum
      A great dane went for me once. Biggest shock I ever had, really, being as they are normally so nice. It didn't stop me liking danes, though. Good luck with the massage.
    15. newfiesmum
      I think your mum's right. You know now as well as I do that you never put your hand over the head of a dog you do not know really well. She was probably scared. It is extremely rare for a newfie to bite anybody, but they are still dogs and fear will make them react. As you probably remember, my Joshua has a terror of anyone going under his tail, and if you did that, yes, he would bite, but only because he is scared. Actually, after hydro last week he stood there while I towel dried under his tail - I was amazed!
    16. newfiesmum
      Are you serious? How can anyone be afraid of newfies? Unless you are scared of getting licked or sat upon, I see no reason! My dear, you really will have to come and meet my two dopes. They are not called the Gentle Giants for nothing.
    17. Andromeda
      Hi I have lurcher (whippet/pointer) and GSD with no legs :) it means he is a mongrel. Plus one guinea pig second died few months ago :(
    18. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi just popped by to say hi. what breed is your dog. i have 3 pets 2 birds and a blue lurcher. ttfn
    19. Andromeda
      will try. thanks
    20. leashedForLife
      Andy, i'd edit post #9 on 'advice gratefully received' thread -
      the e-word is a non-no, now, & cannot be discussed; GRandPoop was provoking in the hope of just that response. :thumbdown: ignore the daft old coot, is my advice. ;)
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    Kingston upon Hull
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