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andrea 35
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Jul 31, 2014
Nov 22, 2007
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Jun 8, 1972 (Age: 49)

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andrea 35

PetForums VIP, 49, from birmingham

andrea 35 was last seen:
Jul 31, 2014
    1. heartsong
      you say the human variety is best of glucosamine supplements i was wondering how much you would give them for the different weight sizes?
    2. kitty 333
      kitty 333
      Hiya, it was lovely 2 c the MTR on ur post , I have been a big fan of theirs since I got my ex breeding yorkie from them . We have recently got a GSD from them , sylvia does a fantasiic job. We r going to foster in the new year just worried I will want 2 keep them all. Loved your photos , lovely looking dogs. I haven't worked out how to put photos on yet . We have 6 dogs, 2 of them very old . X
    3. DevilDogz
      Happy birthday :)
    4. Katie&Cody
      Tell me about it freezing...
      Set up a new side... Cody's place...would love it if you could check it out xxx

      Sign In to Love Your Animals - Love Your Animals

      Really hope to see u there xxx
    5. andrea 35
      andrea 35
      Hi chic , how you doing ? not very warm is it bbbrrrrrrrr .
    6. Katie&Cody
      *Waves* Good Morning
    7. andrea 35
      andrea 35
      Ah cool ok then , hope you dont mind me letting you know . He looks lovely .
    8. carol
      oh its ok its on the ute's forums as well
    9. andrea 35
      andrea 35
      Yes only im not great at posting links , just google Many Tears Rescue , they are based near Swansea . go onto dogs looking for homes and he is about the 3rd dog down the page ,
    10. carol
      oh right i'll find out have they a web site?
    11. andrea 35
      andrea 35
      Hi chic fine ta , just got in from work , gonna go do some dinner in a bit , when my 12 year old descides to grace us with his presence lol . Hows you .
    12. Katie&Cody
      Thought i'd pop by and say hello to my fellow VIP friend :-) xxxx
      How's things?
    13. Katie&Cody
      Such lovely pics! I am new to the forum so thought id drop by and introduce myself, check out my profile and we can chat :-)
    14. SazzyB
      Sazzyb Homepage
    15. AJ
      Yes, she's been to the vets today and been given the all clear to be allowed to go crazy so we've taken her to the woods and let her off the lead for the first time since the op, she went crazy bless her and she's crashed out now, well they all are actually! :D
    16. andrea 35
      andrea 35
      Yes it is possible ive looked it up on Google , dogs eat the slugs who have in turn eaten the parasite off dog or fox poo that is infected with the worm ,Dont use slug pellets though they are highly toxic to dogs , , i would sudgest you pop out into the gardne in the evening and with a torch find as many as possible and collect them up i would just pop them into a bag and tie it up and pop in the bin , or flush them down the loo. Salt will kill them if you know where in your garden they are most common sprinkle salt on the soil , you can get other forms of slug catcher some use beer in a container and they drown them selves ( guess its a merry death ). On the food , i would make sure you have enough of the hills to see you over the next few weeks wait for his results and go from there , if it suits him though and your vet says its ok you could keep him on it for a while to be sure and then any future change must be done very gradual over a week or 10 days to ensure no trouble again , Look into a food called Pero i used to give it to my labs before going raw the lab food is hypoallegenic and is based on rice and salmon it is a good food and ethically moral as the company that makes it does not support anial testing and they are indipendant , Lots of popular dog foods are made by one or two companys such as Mars and proctor and gamble , they advocate animal testing and the foods they produce leave a lot to be desired from a nutritional point . Google pero they are based in wales a 15 kg bag is £30 it will last about 4-5 weeks for 1 dog about tysons size they deliver free usually within 3 days of ordering , it doesnt contain the nasty preservatives ect that long term can cause damage to our dogs . They do have food in some shops such as pets at home ect but the Lab one isnt as yet in stores but its no hassel to order online .
    17. tyson
      Hi,thanks for the reply, im a bit worried. The vet never told me what to do when the hills i/d runs out and i have to wait 5 days for the results back from dog trust on the poo, should i carry on with the euka i was giving him before, or do i have to keep him on hills??. Is that true they can get lung worms from slugs??? thanks
    18. tyson
      Hi, thanks for all the advice for Tyson, the vet has given me Hills i/d. I said abt raw meat and she didnt look happy, time will tell. thanks again. How do you get pictures of your dogs on here?, sorry its all new to me. hahah
    19. Smudgeypants
    20. andrea 35
      andrea 35
      All good ta, been busy too decorating ect but while the footie is on it gives me an excuse to be here without being asked " are you done yet " lol
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    Jun 8, 1972 (Age: 49)


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